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GNC-2007-09-07 #300

We take a trip down history lane for show 300 which should prove to be entertaining and yet give everyone a perspective of how the show and activities within Podcasting has evolved.

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Show Notes:
Delicious Preview
Dear Steve Can I have a T-Shirt Too :)
Get your iPhone Refund
Google Reader adds Search
Windows Live Writer Beta 3
Blog Designs
TiVoToGo coming to HD TiVo
Do you have two Ethernet Cables?
ContactOffice Update
Nokia Takes a Shot At Apple
Net Neutrality in Extreme Danger
ISS Crew Re-Arranges some Gear
Phoenix Mars Mission
Apple Makes a Big Mistake
SilverLight Plug-In ready to Roll
Safari on iPod Touch Huge Deal
Your Facebook Profile Partially Public now!
RIAA continues to act above the Law