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GNC-2011-03-17 #656 The Great Experiment Continues!

Your going to love this one, I get on the Soap Box and stay there for a good bit in the show today. Fools and their wasted money is the theme. Plus I place a wager on a specific companies new initiatives failing. I also want to welcome our newest insider, thank you for supporting the show it is greatly appreciated.

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Lexar 128gb SDXC Memory Cards.
Adobe Flash HTML5 Converter.

Show Notes:
Burglar Blaster.
Firefox 4 Final Release date 3-22.
Firefox 4 Notes.
* Renegade
It’s not the downloads.
This Mom needs to be a Parent.
14 Months, 40 Million NYT Fools.
NYT Paywall Plans?
Open Canadian Letter to NYT!
Business Cards Dead?
RSA SecurID May Be Hacked.
Hacking your Car.
Matt Cutts – Google Luminary.
Japan Telephone/Network Lines a Wreck.
TSA now cannot do Math.
Netflix to do Original Content?
Webm Plugin for IE9.
President says Do Not Track!
BlueTooth Headset Review.
Soyuz back to Kazakhstan.
Women in Space.
Lasers Solution to Space Junk?
More Resources for Japan.
Protecting your company Image.
Time Warner iPad App.
Google Largest Torrent Search Engine.
White House thinks Streaming is Fed Crime.
Sick of Sarah 2205.
Visa goes after Paypal.
Rustock Spam Botnet Brought Down?
Hackers having fun with Electronic Sign.
Sony gets Paypal info on PS3 Case.
Best Sprinkler Yet.
Lexar 128GB SDXC Cards.
Solar Stove.
IPTV Moving Upwards.
IE9 Partners with Hulu.
Free Computer Games.
Gnome 3.0 Beta.
Video Alarm.
OSX Media Conveter.
Google Docs on a roll.
Dutch test 110 old X-Ray machine.
U-Socket Review.
Radiation from Planes and Passengers.

I’m Never Going to the Bank Again!

Who has time to go to the bank?  I know I rarely do.  I have two checks in my purse that desperately need to find their way to the bank, and I just can’t manage to find the time to do it.  Seems silly, but it means a detour in my normal routine, and I need to block out an extra ten minutes to do it, ten minutes I don’t often have.

Hello, Paypal deposit by iPhone!  I can take a picture of the front and back of the check, and using the Paypal 2.7 app, I can deposit it right into my Paypal account.  From there I can either spend it (whee!!) or transfer it to my bank via Paypal withdrawal.  Or, if I have a Paypal debit card, I can spend it that way.

I like this idea a lot.  I know my bank doesn’t yet allow us to do electronic deposits (other than transfers).  That would be ideal; but barring that, I can skip the whole bank process and just do it via my phone.

Remember when Paypal was just a way to pay for things on eBay?

GNC-2010-02-18 #553 Live in Texas

Probably advisable not to be in the Ustream chat with a pizza handle, I will ban you. He folks hopefully this show encoded ok the last one had some issues. I replaced it but not before about 25,000 of you had downloaded it. Lots of tech tonight and some stimulating questions for you to respond to.

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Show Links:
Sony to end OLED sales in Japan.
Pay for goods on Facebook with Paypal.
Google buys and kills Remail?
School Spied on kids with Laptop Webcams?
Jobs says Flash is to power hungry?
BSOD during last Tuesday patches? You have a Trojan on your PC!
Advanced testing to get kids Graduated by 10th grade?
Don’t spam a Judge!
Australian Copyright Industry has it backwards!
Patent Shell Company Game!
NBC delayed Telecast causes spoilers!
YouTube allows blocking of content to set top boxes?
NY Times $20-30 for iPad edition :)
Your P2P files not subject to search warrant!
What a View!
Next Shuttle mission delayed!
Is that a Wi-Fi signal in your Sim Card?
256gb USB Stick?
NEC does 16gbps USB 3.0 Connection.
Entourage Delayed!
HP Slate to be Cheaper then iPad?
Inside Olympics Mission Control.
Orange Peel = Ethanol
Windows Phone 7 Strategy!
Andromeda Images x3
Should Google Apologize?
Time Warner Pricing out of Site!
Netflix and watch Instantly!
Smartmobs is this not the truth!
iPad Shippments!
WordPress has short outage!
Dumber and Dumber!

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GNC-2009-12-15 #536 Big Announcement Today

First of all folks I may have to go on Emergency travel, if I do I will have a guest host step in. No details I am willing to talk about at this point but I could be gone a couple of weeks. Second thing I make a pretty major announcement on the show which is surely to drive some comments one way or the other. But I explain all in detail on the show. Don’t worry I’m not changing anything show stays the same.

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Listener Links:
Link that is related to my announcement tonight!
Fact Check on Climategate

Show Notes:
Is it the Phone or is it the Service?
German Government to clean computers?
Google to shake up Mobile Industry!
Facebook CEO forced to show some Details.
UK Old Computers cannot collect Taxes?
Google employees drinking the Koolaid
Forecast 2010 from Business Week.
Best Buy King?
Contributors fro Twitter.
Cannon EOS 7d
Calibrate that TV?
Google Shrinks?
Domains go International in EU
Amazon bids EC2 Time Auction Style.
Turn that TV Ad down!
Super Earth only 28 Light Years Away!
Paypal 150k Challenge.
BluRay RIP?
Did your Business cut the Land Lines?
Delta 2 Launch!
2010 NASA Budget Approved.
Mars Orbiter Update!
Should FCC take back TV frequencies?
Chevy Autonet $199.00 for 7 Models.
Free Screencasting Tools.
Socialize your Twitter Feed (Gag)
Newspapers Self Imploding.

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GNC-2009-08-21 #504 Battle Rhythm

Texas is the state with the most listeners to the Geek News Central Podcast congrats to our Visa Gift Card Winner! New promotion starting next show, tune in to win. I talk a little about the state of podcasting and give you all a little information about a new website that we will be building full details shortly. We will need the communities help! Next show will be live from Silicon Valley, looking for a good meetup location for dinner suggestions?

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Listener Links:
AT&T Getting Better?
Internet Detox Center
Follow How it Works Mac Users Only!
Readers Digest in Trouble.
One to many exploding iPhones.
Building Block of Life found on Comet
Vivek Kundra
Bing versus Google
Murdoch Lessons

Show Links:
Tech Podcast Network Weekly Podcast
Master New Media weird Article.
Facebook Pages post to Twitter.
Snow Leopard coming next week!
Stress Test on the Cloud!
New FeedDemon Released
AT&T Dumps Mitnick!
Social iTunes i’m not so sure about that?
How Hackers are Hacking your Banking etc.
South Eastern Conference going to go after Fan Sites!
You can hide but a court order will jack you up!
Is Warren Buffet right?
465 Gigs a Day Transfered from Moon!
Our Fate in several Million Years
Employers use Facebook #1 Source to vet future Employees!
Paypal hitting you in wallet for new fees.
Video Ads in Magazines
WordPress URL Shortner.
Addicted to the Net?
How much is your credit card worth?
Plastics breaking down in the ocean faster than thought!
Oracle – Sun Merger very close to be finalized.
Mac or Netbook for Students?
Windows 7 beta is closed.
RIAA Surcharge for XM and Sirius Listeners
Blogger Strike defeats the purpose!
Happy 100th Show Geekazine.com
Inflatable heat shield tested!
SciToys projects for you and your kids!
iPhone does 1080P
Cool clock that is Cool but Expensive
New Bose QuietComfort.
97% Love the phone 55% Hate AT&T!

GNC-2009-03-03 #456 Live from Okinawa Japan

Started the show pretty late here. Short show tonight hope that you enjoy. I am doing much better after hurting my back just a week ago which is a relief as there was some pretty painful days here.

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Listener Links:
OLED In Europe
Music Site
Property Search

Show Notes:
Apple Performance Fraud?
Re-Wire the Brain
RIAA gets Boot in Court case
Google Twitter Search
Cellphone Usage Worldwide at 60%
Tweet a Watt
Apple Rumors
Nokia Phone in Bag of Chips
Pirate Bay Closing Arguments
Apple Secret Box
Amazon Kindle 2 Review
Foreign Language Translation
TV on Net Only if you Pay
Vue Personal Video
Arrington is Back
Chinese crash Lunar Orbter
Woman Sues over 5k data Bill
Pirate Radio in your Area?
Joomla versus WordPress
Paypal 81.4 Billion on Debit Card

GNC-2007-12-04 #322

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Listener Links:
DIY Diamond Thermal Compound
Is what this site is doing Legal

Show Notes:
More Leopard Issues
Marc Orchant
Marc Orchant blog post
Geothermal Easier to get to?
PayPhones RIP
Fame and Money Online not that easy!
Dinasour Mummy Found
Quicktime Vulnerability in Wild
QuickTime Flaw and Second Life
MP3 Format Gaining Speed
$999.00 Complete DNA Test
Cheap 2 Port HDMI Switch
Matt Cutts on PayPerPost
Apple Concept Flashlight
Yes the Audience is Online and you can reach them!
LiveJounal Sale Article 1
LiveJournal Sale Article 2
LiveJournal Sale Article 3
Who clicks on Ads Articles Slam Some Women
PayPal Store Widget
IRC Spy Engine DeadPool
Truth in Advertising on Magazine Subscription Inserts
Shuttle ready to go to ISS
Astronauts at the Cape
Young Girls win prestigious Science Contest
FCC wants to Cap Cable Growth
MP3 Blogs Fly Under RIAA radar

Gems I Found:
Cover Up?
Missing for 5 Years just shows up?
Cheapest Family in America
Comcast and TimeWarner not playing in 700mhz Auction
RIAA Copyright Angle Rejected