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Kiband Keeps Families Close At CES

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There’s a fine line between keeping a close eye on your kids and being an “overprotective” parent. Kids want to go out and have fun, and parents want to make sure they’re safe. What are families to do when those two well-meaning viewpoints collide? With Kiband, they don’t have to.

Nick got to talk with Jeff from Kiband at CES. Kiband is a smartband for kids that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a parent’s smartphone to prevent getting lost. Parents just use the accompanying smartphone app to designate a range in which they can monitor their child’s whereabouts. When the child nears the boundaries of this range, their band will vibrate, and the parent will be alerted. Kiband gives kids the freedom they crave and parents the peace of mind they need.

Kiband will cost between $100-$120 and is available for preorder on Kiband’s website for delivery in June or July.

Interview by Nick DiMeo of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology

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Google Family Safety Centre

Google FamilyGoogle has setup the Family Safety Centre to help parents and teachers keep their children safe online.  After spending a little time in the resource, it seems to be a good introduction to online safety for children from a parent’s point of view.  If you need to know more, you can then take it further through some of the links.

The Centre has four main sections:

i) Google Safety Tools – information on Safesearch, which stops inappropriate material being returned in searches, and YouTube Safety Mode, which similarly stops age-restricted videos from appearing.

ii) Advice from partners – information from children’s organisations on cyberbullying, privacy, talking to strangers online, adult content and malware.

iii) Reporting abuse – if you find inappropriate material on any of Google’s properties (YouTube, Buzz, Picasa, Blogger), here’s how to flag the material to Google.

iv) Video tips from Google parents – a set of videos on YouTube from parents to parents.  In this section there’s also six basic tips for on-line safety.  Frankly, I think these tips should be more prominent as they’re good.
Keep computers in a central place
– Know where your children go online
– Teach internet safety
– Help prevent viruses
– Teach your children to communicate responsibly
– View all content critically

Each country has its own slight variant, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US and UK versions – there are probably others for non-English speakers. The main difference seems to be the list of partner organisations that Google has worked with (and spelling).

If you are a parent, you should spend a few minutes having a read of the information here.