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Windows Live www.live.com

Microsoft Introduced Windows Live today and it smells a lot like Web 2.0, did we just not hear that Web 2.0 was something Microsoft was not investing in. First impression they did not make it Firefox friendly big mistake because I am not loading they spyware prone Internet Explorer. The site looks a little like some other initiatives that are going on over at Google and various other companies.

The site will allow you to import a OPML feed and appears to be smart enough to automatically detect my RSS feed. It looks a lot like a news aggreator believe it or not but one thing for sure it is getting hammered at the moment and is slow as all get out [www.live.com]

OPML Validator

I was working with Angelo today our programmer and web developer over at Podcaster News and we were discussing OPML and he said to me I wish I could check and see if these outputs are correct. I smiled internally an said Angelo did you know Dave Winer released a beta of a OPML validator last week.

Angelo was surprised I know he has had his head in the code all weekend and may have not been reading the news so he is a pretty happy camper. Thus far our home grown RSS feeds and OPML feeds are all looking pretty good. I need to clone Angelo as well. Being RSS and OPML are going to be part of the life blood of the new site we are doing our best to make sure it’s dialed in and good to go.

Nothing like the fear of a launch and having something not working the way it should. I am sure we are gonna find some bugs but hey you got to light the fires and kick the tires and take it airborne to see how it flys only so much testing can be done before its time to cut it loose. [OPML Validator]

Yahoo Podcasting Site First Impression!

Nearly 1 am here but I wanted to get this on the street before I went to bed, I went through the Yahoo Podcast site for about an hour tonight, here are my conclusions. From a listeners stand point it will be a very good resource, people will be able to search and find specific topics they are looking for. This is based on info that is contained in show notes and how a site is tagged as Yahoo will rely on search heavily for people to find shows..

Podcasters are increasingly going to need to be very clear in their show notes so that the Yahoo Podcast site and others like Odeo will be able to index the material. One thing they have done very poorly though is they are stripping any html formatting and removing the html links from our show notes, even though people will be able to listen to my show on Yahoo they will not be able to click on the links I am referring to in the show.

As near as I can figure it anyone can add tags to a listing, I do not like this one bit, this will give people the ability to tag your site with inappropriate tags Sadly there is no way to claim your podcast. Podcasters are going to need to make sure they ping Yahoo, as the feeds I was looking at were really out of date.

The directory is pretty sad, finding a show in their directory by drilling down to it will be very painful. You are going to have to search for a site you are listening to. Finding sites in the directory will be a challenge. Yahoo has already made there presence known in the various mailing list and some of us even received e-mail lets see how much they keep talking to the community. I do want to applaud their effort to communicate though.

Using the Yahoo Music Engine the player now has a podcast selection. But it simply loads the Yahoo site in the applications browser. The interface is pretty standard with what we have come to expect with most of the podcatcher clients. One thing that is not clear is if the feedback rating we can put on podcast tracks, the question is do these get fed back to the website. The ratings system may not be as susceptible to abuse as people will have to login to their Yahoo account to post a review only time will tell. Otherwise I suppose the Yahoo Podcasting site is at a good beginning. One thing I was pretty happy to see was they list my full rss feed, and my website URL in the listing which happily they did not do anything funny with the RSS feed.

I hope they do a better job of keeping the directory squared away and will not allow the abuse that has been happening in the Apple iTunes Podcast directory. Sites are still listing themselves 20 separate times under the guide of having 20 different categorized shows. I hope we start seeing some reportable stats from them. This will help podcasters in the long run.

One thing I did see was that this directory was not dominated by Adam Curry we will see if some other podcasters get some exposure now. [podcasts.yahoo.com]

OPML some people don’t get it!

I told you last night in my Podcast that your going to have to start watching the OPML space very close because their has been some movement their. Today my OPML search tags on the RSS search engines started firing away on all cylinders. Thanks to Scoble I found a link to a guy that just doesn’t get it and I am glad Robert took the time to spell it out.

Sometime people need stuff spelled out and even though OPML is not that difficult of a subject a lot of people really do not understand the power behind the markup language. If you have a spare 30 minutes today you need to do 2 things. Read this article first then go download this program and play with it for the last 20 and then you may start to understand the power of OPML and how it can fit what you do on the web.

MovableType users will not want to miss this article.

LinkRanks LinkCounts SiteStats

I have had a look at the new features at Pubsub and found that even though they have done a great job in detailing incoming and outgoing links they are missing large chunks of data. I did some link counting on my own and they are missing a large percentage of the outgoing and missing many of the incoming. I am not surprised but until a service can scale big enough to make sure that they are not missing anything their will be holes. [Pubsub Linkranks LinkCounts and SiteStats]

Oh and another thing most of their feeds are ATOM the question is were are all of the RSS feeds. This is a site wide issue. People are already confused enough when it comes to RSS and yet they have everything listed in RSS. They also promoting something called SB Enhanced which I have never heard of?

Robert Scoble said big news out of PDC where is it!

Robert I am wondering were the big news out of PDC is, if the big news is that Windows Vista has a lot of RSS support, did we not know that was coming already, and many of the features were already expected. Do you have another rabbit your going to pull out of a hat? Or was it the Office interface change?

I love RSS but come on, really rock our world with something amazing! I want Microsoft to really wow us instead of just getting their applications compliant with a standard that has been on the map for a long time.

Let’s see if you can really wow me today with something new and exciting.