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OpenSUSE 12.2 Out Now

OpenSuSE logoFor Linux fans, there’s a new version of OpenSUSE out today, bringing the version number to 12.2. Albeit a little late, this new version sees some significant upgrades and changes which improve performance and reliability. OpenSUSE is one of the big 5 Linux distributions so it’ll be a solid release.

In additional to the 3.4 kernel, KDE is bumped to 4.8.4 and Gnome to 3.4. SuSE has always been a strong proponent of the KDE desktop (my personal favourite) so I’ll be checking that out later. LibreOffice 3.5 brings word processing and spreadsheets to the party and Gimp 2.8 is on hand for image editing.

“We are proud of this release, maintaining the usual high openSUSE quality standards.” said Andrew Wafaa from the openSUSE Board. “The delay in the schedule caused by our growth in the last two years means we have to work on scaling our processes. Now this release is out and with the upcoming openSUSE conference in October in Prague, the community has time and opportunity to work on that.”

I run OpenSUSE on my main PC so I’ll be upgrading soon – the distro is downloading via BitTorrent as we speak – but live upgrades are also now supported so I might investigate that for the first time.

The full press release is here.

I Feel Stupid

Windows Phone 7Over the break, there’s been a bit of discussion by some of the big names regarding the reasons why Windows Phone 7 handsets haven’t been flying off the shelves this holiday season. Charlie Kindel started the debate with “Windows Phone is Superior; Why Hasn’t It Taken Off?” and largely faults the relationship between the OEMs, Microsoft and the carriers.

MG Siegler responded with a fairly weak response largely citing the mantra of “too late and not enough apps” but as can be seen from today’s news of 50,000 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, the latter argument really isn’t that valid.

As usual, Robert Scoble hits the nail on the head. People buy Android or iOS because it’s a safe bet and they don’t want to look stupid or uncool by buying something else. Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and RIM’s Blackberries simply don’t have the gold-plated appeal of a sure-thing.

And he’s right. I was a big Palm fan and look how that turned out. I do feel stupid. After spending years waiting for Palm to move from PalmOS to WebOS and then HP promising to do big things. I bought in with a succession of Pre phones and pre-ordered a TouchPad. Maybe I shouldn’t be so shallow and have a less of an ego, because WebOS is a great operating system and even with the smaller app selection, it does 99% of what I need a phone to do. But when everyone else is, “Have you got this app and that app” on their Galaxy S IIs and iPhone 4Ss, you do feel a bit of a chump.

So thanks, HP. I feel stupid.

GNC-2009-07-20 #495 Do you Like Math?

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VMware will release no cost Server Line

For those of you techies out their that have never had the pleasure of working with VMware well the truly hardcore of you out their will be able to get a no cost version. I have had the pleasure or should I say the pain of working with VMware in the past. It is a very powerful platform and used heavily in the scientific circles, but very few applications will crunch numbers like VMware.

If your a VMware expert drop me a line and let me know what kind of projects you have worked on using VMware. [www.linux-watch.com]

Sales of Linux Servers Up

Sales of network servers running the open-source Linux operating system are topped $1 billion last fiscal quarter, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research and analysis firm.

More than 9% of the servers sold worldwide during the third quarter run Linux, this is up 42.6%, while the entire server market grew by only 5.5% over last year. This is the ninth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth for Linux servers.

Dave’s Opinion
I’m not surprised that Linux servers are surpassing Windows servers, in terms of relative popularity. I rarely meet competent IT professionals with broad experience who prefer Windows servers over Linux. Interestingly, I’ll be building two new Linux servers, this weekend. One will be an in-place system upgrade, and the other server will replace a Windows-based network.

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