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Ten Years of Mac OS X

Apple OS X
Apple OS X

I love doing my podcast “The Day in Tech History” (http://www.dayintechhistory.com). Sometimes I have to stop and reminisce those events. One of them happened today as on March 24, 2001 Apple released the OS X.

It was Steve Jobs’ company NeXT that technically created the 10th version of the OS. OPENSTEP was the base to OS X. When Apple brought Jobs back on board, they bought the company and integrated OPENSTEP into Apple’s software.

There were many changes with OSX (Cheetah/Puma). It brought in support for IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and included backwards compatibility. New companion software like iLife and iWork bring productivity to the new OS.

The current version of OS X is 10.6.7, released just days ago.

So I ask the question: How has Mac OS X changed your life?