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Skunk Juice Sharing Earphones

Skunk Juice Magnetic EarphonesSkunk Juice earphones have a little feature which not only sets them apart from other earphones but brings friends together. Jeffrey and Andy talk with Corissa from Skunk Juice to find out more.

The novel feature about Skunk Juice earphones is that they have a patented inline magnetic coupler which provides two benefits. One, if you move away from your music player, the coupler snaps open rather than yanking your player onto the floor and, two, you can insert more than one inline magnetic coupler in the chain, letting you and your friends listen in to the same music. Up to four friends can tune in at the same time before the sound volume starts to fall. Neat.

Skunk Juice will be bringing new over-ear headphones to market later in the year, along with a Bluetooth version as well. The current earphones are $35.99 (available in black and white), the new larger headset will be around $100 and the smaller headset will be about $50. Skunk Juice earphones are available in the UK too.

If you are thinking that you’ve seen a magnetic coupler like this on a fruity laptop power supply and are wondering how Skunk Juice managed to get a patent, the answer is that Skunk Juice got there first.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Andy Smith of Geocaching World.

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Zune – CES 2009

ZuneLogoA team member from Zune catches us up on what is happening with Zune and talks about some of the new great media players out there.Zune-player

Zune MP3 comes with new colors Black, Red and Blue. The 120GB hard drive can store up to 30,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 375 hours of video. They enabled the “buy from FM feature” so when you are in a wireless hot spot you can buy the song and instantly download it to your device. The biggest feature in Zune is when you have Zune pass subscription: dock your Zune and stream 3 million songs wirelessly. A Zune Pass subscription is a great deal for music lovers becaue you can download all the music you like and pick 10 MP3s to keep forever for only $14.99 a month. There’s also another feature that they enabled where you can subscribe in Zune Channels —  combining the best features of podcasts and playlists, subscribe to channels by Billboard, The FADER, and radio stations like KROQ and KEXP channels. Mixview is dynamic representations of your collection, as well as artist and song recommendations based on what you and other members of the Social are listening to. There are great reviews of the Zune software and its available to download for free at www.zune.net