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GNC-2009-06-09 #484 Huge Tech News Lineup Today

Monster Show tonight with a huge amount of content that i get through pretty quickly. Lot’s to talk about and I dont even spend a lot of time on the WWDC announcements. Another clue to our newsletter audience.

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Listener Links:
Chair that I have in my Office
Quantum Physics and Internet Searches
Fake Astronaut gets hit by Solar Flare (Ouch)
Snapshot Application (Not Tested)
Hulu to Charge?
The Japan Xperience Podcast
Largest Solar Roof in Middle East

Show Topic Notes:
Firefox 3.5 Soon
WWDC Highlights
Pre Sales go well record day for Sprint
TomTom Partners with Apple
T-Mobile Supposedly Hacked Big Time
Best Tools to Distribute Videos
Apple Security is Questioned
Webhost hack kills 100,000 websites
Reformers clash with ISP’s in FCC Battle
Planes Trains and AutoMobiles Lifecycle Studies
Versign under gun for high .com prices!
Pirate Bay Judge was not Biased says Biased Judge!
Big Win for Low Power FM Stations
Home Ads opportunity for Buyer and Seller!
Don’t buy a PC in China!
Snow Leopard to Tap Core Power
Endeavor and Crew ready to Go!
Have a 185k laying around buy me .todd
RIP Analog TV June 12th
Wanna fly better be ready to give up more personal info!
Computers and Airplanes
Schools Pay Kids for Good Grades?
Copyright coming to Clothes?
Parole Officers use Facebook as well (Idiots)
ISS Spacewalk Today
MRO Reboots self again?
Wonder why your brain has brain farts?S

GNC-2009-02-27 #455 On my way to Japan

On my way to Japan tomorrow morning, but dealing with a very sore back after a major fall here at home. Slightly worried about my connectivity in Japan but will keep you all advised if it looks like I will have to delay a show. Congratulations to Dale on winning PogoPlug.

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Listener Links:
OLED not Selling
US Broadband

Show Notes:
Windows 7 will play .Mov Files
Old School NASA Saturn Picture
Twitter Alternatives
Digg to Battle Stumbleupon
1.5 Million Footprint Found
Google Apps Status Page
CC Zero
Quebecor Sells Out on Three Strikes
Border Search of Encrypted media must give up Data
Earth Eclipse as Seen from Moon
Windows 7 Are they Listening
MIT Invention Powers Bicycles
Do you have a Broken Mac Air Hinge
I Love this Monitor Setup!
17 inch Macbook Pro Review
Pirate Bay Day 9
Lenses Informational
Why the Labels are Crying Wolf
Panther and CDN Networks Merge
Powerbook Battery Explodes
RIP Rocky Mountain News
Say Hello to Google Twitter
Facebook Photos a iPhone Contact List
iPhone Japan poor sales
MRO trouble
Discovery March 12th Launch
Blubrry Sponsors Wordcamp Denver
Fairness Doctrine first Nail in Coffin
How to Sync two Windows Home Servers
FAA hack
36 Changes to Windows 7
CBS gets Pass by Apple to Stream TV via 3G – Podcasting Denied
Asus Eee PC 1000HE