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MovableType Template Frustration

Why can I not find a MovableType template that is similar to Geek News Central. I really want a simple to manage template that is similar in layout of this website. Completely frustrates me to no end I had a developer that was supposed to come up with a design for techpodcasts.com and after two weeks I get a message that what I want to accomplish is to hard. What happened to the days of I pay someone for what I want and it gets delivered.

I suppose I could just copy the design I have here to accomplish what I need to do, but geez give me a break that is not what I wanted to do. I see plain jane two column designs, I see three column designs that have the posting area in the middle.

Can someone come up with a template that will work with MT version 3.2 that has the posting area on the left and two columns on the right that I can easily adjust the widths on within CSS and have the left hand column auto size. If your looking for a project over the holidays and want to make some money and you have worked with MT templates before send me a e-mail geek@geeknewscentral.com

Specific Templates hard to find for MovableType

It seems I go thru this pain about every year. I spent a considerable amount of money to convert this site from a two column weblog to a three column. It is a pretty unique template and will not port well. I am getting ready to move several sites from Mambo to MovableType and I have yet to find a template that anyone has made that is similar to the layout on this site.

If anyone can point me at a generic three column MT weblog that matches the structure of this website please show me the way as I have not found it yet. I can handle the mods needed to make the template work once I find a design.

Shopping for Blogging Software that Scales

I have been doing some shopping for a blogging application that will scale the way I need it to, and I have figured out one thing. I am not leaving Movable Type. No other blogging tool on the market will scale they way Movable Type does. Hands down it wins!

During this search I had a dozen or so people try to convince me to switch to WordPress and the more I played with WordPress the more I realized that although it is a great personal blogging tool it just does not measure up to MT.

Sure I will be paying for a commercial version but I know the RSS feeds will not be funky and that it will scale to multiple users, multiple blogs from a single installation.

Expect to see TechPodcasts.com and PodcastConnect.com running on a MovableType blog in the near future and say goodbye to Mambo. I really liked the application in the beginning, but it is just to hard to manage and it does not do RSS well. The RSS implementation was like it was hacked together, and anytime I have to deal with hacked up RSS or resort to having to use a third party source like FeedBurner then it is going to get replaced.