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GNC-2007-07-31 #289

Started the show very late here in Hawaii but a huge amount of news tonight and info on a upcoming FCC decision you will want to pay attention to.

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Show Notes:
FCC To Rule on 700mhz Spectrum
IT Conversations
Moon Gas?
RIAA = Privacy Breacher
Brits like to DL P2P
18 Months for Hearing Aid?
MS Breakthrough
Meteor Picture
150 Writing Resouces
AT&T Analogy
No TOS Changes
AOL – Yahoo Email Charge
Security and Web Pages
State of Blubrry
SMS Charges
Vista Service Pack Beta Leaked
Door Handle Innovation
Apple TV USB Hack
Google Wireless Plan?
Joost as a Web Application?
ICANN Wants Feedback
Second Life Terrorist Camp?
RIAA Hates Webcasters
Dark Vision Invades Hackers Inner Sanctum
Watch FIOS Bill Number One
More FCC news on Wireless Spectrum
Mars Phoenix Mission