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Celluon at 2016 CES

CelluonTodd Cochrane talks to Ethan from Celluon about the PicoBit laser pico projector. The PicoBit is a pico projector shaped like a smartphone that uses a built-in version of the Android operating system. It has 8 gigabytes of built-in memory and a Micro SD card slot for extra media file storage.

Since the unit runs on a laser light engine, there is no need to focus, and therefore no focus ring control. Depending on the darkness of the room, the unit is capable of projecting up to a 150″ inch image. It has a standard tripod mount on the bottom of the unit.

They are planning an April release date with pricing at $379.

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BenQ at 2016 CES

Todd CochraneBenQ Zowie interviews Ronald Kim from BenQ. They discuss BenQ’s new line of Zowie line of competitive gaming accessories. BenQ brings in professional gamers to help them validate their gaming accessory designs.

Ron shows three models (they offer a total of seven models) of gaming mice that are specifically designed to give the end user the best possible gaming performance. They include the ZA Series, the EC-A Series, and the FK Series mice. Top-level professional gamers still prefer wired mice over wireless mice for the best possible lag-free performance. BenQ Zowie mice offer the ultimate in adjustable precision.

The mice are all priced at $59.99 each and are available now. The BenQ Zowie mouse pads are priced from $25 to $45 dollars on Amazon.

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GNC-2011-03-17 #656 The Great Experiment Continues!

Your going to love this one, I get on the Soap Box and stay there for a good bit in the show today. Fools and their wasted money is the theme. Plus I place a wager on a specific companies new initiatives failing. I also want to welcome our newest insider, thank you for supporting the show it is greatly appreciated.

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Rustock Spam Botnet Brought Down?
Hackers having fun with Electronic Sign.
Sony gets Paypal info on PS3 Case.
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MiSee TX Computer In A Box

Scott Elliot talks with Charlie of CTX Technologies. Charlie demonstrates a prototype concept computer that has a functional projected virtual laser keyboard and a pico projected screen.

The technology will be shrunk down for use in smart phones and tablets.

Interview by Scott Elliot of Geek News Central.

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The Ultimate Bug Zapper

At TED 2010, Nathan Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory showed off  its Photonic Fence proof of concept.   Basically, this is a very capable mosquito killer, which uses lasers to shoot the wee monsters out of the sky at up to 100 times a second.

The concept is targetted (sorry) for malarial regions, potentially hospitals or schools, and the technology is able to tell the difference between a mosquito and other objects based on size and wing-beat frequency, thus allowing mosquitos to be zapped but bees to be left alone.

The setup does require some configuration with a light reflective screen – you can’t just plonk the gadget down and let it get on with it – and while malaria control is a worthy goal, I can’t help but wonder if there are better commercial opportunities in protecting high-value crops.

There’s a video on the Ventures Lab site (link above) which shows the device in action.

Apparently this is just a proof-of-concept made out of readily available parts and they’re looking for commercial partners to see if it’s a viable concept.  Expect to see the mosquito laser turret in a few years.

Beamz – CES 2009

Beamz-logoBeamz probably captivated us the most of any product we saw at CES. A truly innovative device that will provide hours of creativity in creating music. Watch at team member Andy McCaskey is just about besides himself as he tries this device out.Beamz-shot

The beamz is a unique, first-of-its-kind product that allows anyone to create harmonious music regardless of musical talent or experience. The product has six laser beams. Breaking any one of the beams with your hand triggers the system to play streams of musical notes or sounds. Every performance is a success because whichever beam you break, the music will always be harmonious. Play it alone or with friends and family for a fun group experience. This is a USB device with an Intel dual core processor and sells for $300. Visit www.thebeamz.com

Record setting laser

University of Michigan has created a laser that produces 300 TerraWatts of power (which is a large number). It only produces it for a millionth of a billionth of a second in an area 100th of the diameter of a human hair. The laser takes 10 minutes to charge which is quicker than any of Hercules’ predecessors.

There are multiple applications that researchers are targeting with these lasers include replicating the fusion that occurs in stars, combining atoms to make larger particles. Could lasers provide the modern version of the philosophers stone?