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Kylo A Browser Made for TV

The Kylo Browser was created by Hillcrest Labs. to be used specifically with large screen TV’s. One of the main problems with traditional browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox is they are not made for a large screen where the viewer is 10 feet or more away. Their fonts are too small and the icons are hard to hit. The Kylo Browser has large fonts and icons which are easier to see from the couch. It also has an on-screen keyboard, so you don’t have to sit with a keyboard on your lap.

The home screen of the Kylo Browser reminds me of a typical cable guide. The difference is that instead of channels you get the icon for Web sites. Hillcrest Labs also developed the technology behind motion-sensing. They used this technology to create The Loop Pointer which is designed specifically to work with a browser on a TV.  The Loop Pointer has four buttons and a scroll wheel and is design to work in the air. Hillcrest Labs has license the motion-sensing technology to major entertainment manufacture, such as Sony, Kodak, Samsung and more.

Although the Loop Pointer is designed to work with the Kylo, you can use any mouse your want. As the line between the TV and the computer continues to blur, we will probably see more and more browsers and devices like Kylo and the Loop Pointer being developed and sold.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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GNC-2010-10-18 #619 BlogWorld Recovery Show

I am still recovering from Vegas and BlogWorld. A lot was accomplished in the 5 days I was in Vegas. I share some of that along with a pile of tech news and information. Two shows from Texas and then back to Honolulu for two shows.

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