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Preview: Adobe Edge Creates HTML5, Javascript, CSS3

Adobe Edge
Adobe Edge

This morning, Adobe released Edge – a preview version of their new software to create HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 scripts. If you have used Adobe Flash to create web content before, then the switch to Edge will be straightforward. With the similar interface, the switch over to HTML5 might just be an easy transition for some.

The Preview version is (of course) not a full version. There is no mention when the program will be released. This is a pretty easy to use program to save you time in making banners and custom scripts.

Adobe Edge Interface
Adobe Edge Interface

Upon first opening, I watched some of the tutorials and script examples – including a banner with a ferris wheel and roller coaster running. I then got into the meat and potatoes by creating my own banner.

The timeline is where you can take your text, images and other items into the program and make adjustments. Resize, fade in and out, move, rotate, and more. Move the cursor in the timeline to adjust the item for your script.

Since it’s a preview version, there are some things you cannot do yet. Importing video, making buttons or hotspots, or converting Flash scripts to Edge are some examples. Still, if you want to make a simple banner to spruce up a website, Edge preview is available to work from.

This is pretty impressive for what it is. I definitely want more from this program and cannot wait to try more features from this program. It could even replace Flash altogether – which would end the debate for iOS users in getting content.

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