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iWalk Docking Backup Batteries

Over the holiday season many people are going to be getting a new smart phones or tablets for gifts and they will quickly notice that the battery doesn’t last as long as they want or need. I know from personal experience that there is nothing worse than being out in the field ready to do something important on your smart phone or tablet only to discover that the battery has run down.  iWalk maker of Apple and smart phones accessories understands this problem.

“Portable electronics are an important part of our daily lives, but added functionality and mobility means increased concerns about battery life,” said Harris Bernstein, vice president of sales and marketing for iWALK. “We understand that extra talk time does not only mean productivity, but could also mean safety and peace of mind during emergencies.”

iWalk has several lines of products for both phones and tablet, covering both iPhone and Android. The iWalk docking backup batteries come in choices that handle up to 5000mAh capacity.  It has introduced a new line of docking backup batteries the Link 1000, They come in a variety of colors and have an LED indicator. The indicator shows charging and discharging levels. The Link series handle up to 1000mAh capacity. The products have been tested under extreme conditions to ensure great performance. They are available for purchase on the iWalk website, select Sprint stores and other retailers nationwide. If you are getting someone a smart phone or tablet for the holidays you might also want to get them a charger to go with it.