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GNC-2007-11-06 #315

One thing for sure based on your email your all a bunch of geeks. I guess thats why you listen to the show. I talk a little about Ohana tonight you will not want to miss.

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Show Notes:
Leopard Massive Data Loss Bug
Twenty Things you Don’t know about Space Travel
Candian BitTorrent Blocking
Fedora 8
DVD Licensing change will Kill a Company
Work IT Security really Sucks
RFID coming to your Drivers License
Zune guy has lost his mind
HP MediaSmart Server
Airbox Lan in your Car!
Photo Recognition on Vending Machines
Cool Mini Camcorder
Mini Vacuum Powered by USB
Quicktime 7 Bugg
Google GPhone is Vaporware
Technorati data RIP at 6 Months
ZiLok want to rent something?
ICQ still King some places
Shuttle on way Home
Leopard application casualties
Macrovision Zero Day Bug
Mitt Romney fights Fox for Fair Use Rights

IMing Not a Waste of Time

IMing, shorthand for Instant Messaging, could waste a lot of valuable business time. Even though IM could be a digital replacement to the office water cooler, replacing the physical congregating to swap office gossip and the athletic spreads, IM seems to be used appropriately.

While some users think that their quick-fire messages can’t be monitored by the boss, but more than two-thirds rightly think that their messages can be traced.

Dave’s Opinion
I think it’s specifically because IM can be traced that we’re using it primarily for business-related work. Sure, it’s a bit like e-mail, but it has the benefit of reciprocal conversation, just like a phone call or face-to-face meeting.

I recommend the Trillian IM app.

Call for Comments
What do you think? Do you use IM on the job? Leave your comments below.