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GoDaddy.com’s New Direction: Less Provocative, More SMB Focused

LogoWTaglineToday I got an email from current CEO Blake Irving, regarding the changes at Godaddy.com. Being a loyal customer of the service for over 7 years now, this new direction looks to be very serious and even more attractive for people trying to start a website.

Today, GoDaddy’s front page got a revamp. Gone is Danika Patrick and those provocative GoDaddy commercials you saw during the Superbowl, World Series, NBA finals and other events. Who replaced her?

Jean Claude Van Damme?

This is part of GoDaddy’s new era – “It’s go time“. A great marketing slogan that can point to GoDaddy and their new direction.

In the email, Irving wrote:

Blake Irving, Godaddy“Today, GoDaddy is the world’s largest web host and domain provider — and sites registered or hosted with us make up a massive portion of what we know as the Internet today. That statement, however, says little about who you are, our customers, or how we can serve you best. So earlier this year we embarked on an effort to learn more about you, what makes you so incredibly unique, and the values you all have in common. In the process, we learned an equal amount about ourselves, and we’re making changes to reflect that new clarity. ”

Irving goes on to say they want to know more about you and how to make you succeed. They started by streamlining the website – making things easier and “more intuitive”. GoDaddy also highlighted their Award winning customer support (awards from CareerBuilder’s Top Companies to Work for Award, to  Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For”).

Other Changes at Godaddy.com

GoDaddy is bringing on new Top Level Domains, such as .app, .web and more (over 700 new gTLD from ICANN).

They started a new video ad campain using Jean Claude Van Damme to show how serious – yet still jockular – they can be. The first video includes a baker who not only gets new orders through his GoDaddy website, but a full solo from Van Damme who motivates while telling him “It’s Go Time”.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Founder and previous CEO Bob Parsons brought a lot of controversy, not only on GoDaddy for viral content, but also on his personal life. He left when GoDaddy was purchased in 2011. Interim CEO Warren Adelman made some changes, but it was not the direction the board was looking for. It took two years to bring Blake Irving on as CEO (former EVP at Yahoo! and VP of Windows Live Platform at Microsoft). Irving’s approach is for Small Business owners (SMB).

In an interview he did earlier this year, he talked about how he has a full open door policy. He talks about how he walks around campus in jeans and t-shirts, talking to people and finding out what matters to them.

Irving’s Direction is no Joke, though…

Irving states: “This is the radical shift we knew we had to make and it’s more than just marketing. A brand is a promise to our customers and a commitment to understand their needs. Our mission is to ‘fight the good fight for the go getter’ … the small business owner … or anyone who labors for the love of it and wants the benefits of the latest technology without having to be an expert.”

With a new look and a different direction, GoDaddy seems to be focusing less on viral content and more on the SMBs they need to appease. From Domains to hosting, SSL certificates and more.

What are YOUR THOUGHTS on GoDaddy’s new direction? Comment below!

I’m in a .NYC State of Mind – New York Gets Top Level Domain


Hey! Yo! Yous Hearin This!?!

New York city announced that ICANN approved its request for the .nyc top-level domain. This is the first city to do so.

“Pursuing the .nyc top-level domain has been a goal of Mayor Bloomberg’s Digital Roadmap from the start”, said Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer, “and this caliber of innovation keeps New York City on track to becoming the world’s leading digital city.”

To get a .nyc domain, you must reside in a “bona fide” residence – meaning you can’t just have a P.O. Box. Even though that may be the case, you most likely will not be able to bid on domains like Microsoft.nyc and Yahoo.nyc.

Back in 2008, a proposal was put forward to obtain the top level domain. Now that ICANN has opened up this option, New York was quick to grab it.

Top 12 possible .nyc domains?

  1. Broadway.nyc
  2. TimesSquare.nyc
  3. HudsonRiver.nyc
  4. BrooklynBridge.nyc
  5. Manhattan.nyc
  6. EmpireStateBuilding.nyc
  7. FreedomTower.nyc
  8. NewYorkNewYork.nyc
  9. LaGuardia .nyc
  10. JFK.nyc
  11. StatueofLiberty.nyc
  12. CentralPark.nyc

To get a top level domain, you must apply with an application fee of $185,000. There is no mention of how much an .nyc domain will cost.


Will new Top Level Domains Bring Price of Auctioned Domains Down

On June 13th ICANN announced that we could see as many as 280 new domains extensions or gTLD’s enter the Internet space within the next couple of years. As I look through that list there are a handful of domain names I have in mind that would fit perfectly on, one or more of these new gTLD.

Recently I tried to buy a domain, from a business that is in the domain auction/selling business. On a inquiry for a multiple character domain name, they replied with a purchase amount that was 25x higher than what I was willing to pay.

As I contemplated offering more for the domain, I decided to wait and see how these new gLTD’s work out. While I know not all of them will be offered through a standard registrar. I am sure many will, and I will just buy the domain on, one of the new gLTD’s.  That is if the domain scalpers don’t go in an buy them all up first.

I would expect though that there will be a huge land rush to buy up as many of the premium domains as soon as they are made available. This could backfire on them though, and with the new surplus of domain extensions I wonder if it will reduce the pressure on the .com domain reseller marketplace. Will all of these companies holding 100’s of thousands of domains for sale or auction find their inventory value dropping as people like me migrate to a new .something

If nothing else maybe I will be able to buy a couple of new domains that I need, for a reasonable price and not get gouged by the re-seller.

Happy IPv6 Day

Today June 8th is IPV6 Day, I know that most people are thinking that’s nice, what is IPV6 and why should I care. The reason you should care is that IPV4 which is the current protocol we are using is running out of IP addresses. When the Internet was first conceived the idea that we would need more than the 4.3 billion IP address that is available under IPV4 seemed ridiculous. However now that everything from our computer to TVs have their own IP address there are more than 4 billion IPV4 addresses in use. In fact ICANN which allocates these numbers issued the last blocks in February of this year to the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). IPV6 is the protocol that is replacing IPV4. While IPV4 is based on 32 bits of information, IPV6 is based on 128 bits, which means the number of address available will be 3.4 X10 to the 38th power.


For the near future IPV4 and IPv6 will coexist and as new devices come online they will be IPV6 capable and IPV4 will be faded out. Actually Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux all support IPv6 as does iOS 4.1+, Windows Mobile and Android 2.2 (and above). Most consumers will not notice a difference, other than they may be provided a new router by their ISP. The biggest problem will be with businesses that depend on the internet for their daily business. They need to make sure they can communicate with both IPv6 and IPv4 devices. If they can only communicate with IPv4 then they may have problems reaching their customers using IPv6 devices. So it is important for businesses to make sure their networks are IPv6 ready as quickly as they can. The other advantages that IPv6 has over IPv4 are:

* Auto Configuration

* Built in Security

* Improved Quality of Service

* Routing Improvements

* Simplified Packet Header

*  Improved Mobility

One of the companies that is participating IPv6 day is D-Link. D-Links is helping to test IPv6 to discover and address any problems that come up. All new D-link products including routers, switches and access points are IPv6 ready. There is a page which list D-Links products that are IPv6 ready. D-Links can also offer complete solutions for companies who are trying to go from IPv4 to IPv6. They have a good step by step guide on how to be prepared. Other companies that are participating in IPv6 day include Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

There are some questions on how much of an emergency it is to go to IPv6, there are some who think that the rush to IPv6 is unnecessary, while others think it’s happening to slowly. Whether you think going to IPv6 is necessary or not, really doesn’t matter it is happening and you need to make sure your business is ready. D-Links offers to help business transfer to IPv6 at their web-site

GNC-2009-02-20 #453 Recorded on Rebuilt Machine

My loyal and dedicated podcast recording PC died on Tuesday and I had to revive it with some new guts. So while I get it dialed in let me know how the sound quality was tonight. I have a decent list of content for a Friday show. Thanks for staying subscribed.

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Judge may ask ICANN to shutdown SPAMHAUS domain!

Spam In what I can only describe as sure stupidity on a judge’s part it seems that one of the organizations that keep a lot of Spam out of your inbox may be in trouble over a recent lawsuit. It seems after being sued by an accused spammer and then not showing up for the court case they lost by default.

Spamhaus is a volunteer group that is well respected but if this judge shuts them down it could spell big trouble for ISP’s worldwide that rely on them to curb the amount of Spam in your inbox. It’s really sad that apparent spammers have more rights to abuse people than those of us that are not abusing the Internet! [Techdirt] [Ambersail]

VeriSign the gift that keeps on giving!

It looks like we are stuck with VeriSign for six more years as they have been given a renewal on thier contract with ICANN. My questions is did this come with restriction on them playing fair and not try to pull that same stunt they pulled two years ago when the re-directed mis-typed domains to their own website.

In my personal opinion this smells of protectionism and monopolization. [Yahoo]