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Easy Web Templates Builder

Most of us, at some point, want to create a web page.  Almost everyone online wants to have some sort of presence.  For many it’s simply Facebook, but for some it’s an actual web site and a few of those are for a business.  And let’s face it – if a business doesn’t have a web site today then it may as well not exist.  I also believe that an individual who only has a Facebook account is not much better off than the business without a web site.  You don’t really want them controlling your online existence, especially given their shaky history.  But for many, setting up a web site sounds too hard.  Of course there are dead simple tools available for anyone who wants a very basic blog-type site.  Then there are those of us who want to get our hands dirty and really create something unique.  But, even then, we tend to simplify some aspects, such as choosing a free WordPress template, or maybe even buying a slightly nicer one.  But the majority of us would be lost if we tried to create our own WordPress template, and forget the other, even more obscure content management services that can run today’s web sites.

Enter CoolTemplate.  A fast, easy way to design your own web templates right on line.  They cover not only WordPress, but HTML, Joomla, and ASP.net.

Since my own site runs on WordPress, that was where I decided to take a look and do some testing.  It’s pretty simple as a matter of fact.  There are options for Design, Layout, Colors, Background, Border, Header, Menu, Buttons and Footer.  It’s a very easy, straight-forward interface to design a theme.

Of course, you need a little design skill to make a good template, but anyone can get started here and learn  how web templates work.  The site’s web app works perfectly.  And, beyond WordPress, it does much more complicated web design,  Joomla and ASP.net are not easy to learn – I know I have played with both.  But it does a good job designing both, and an especially good job with WordPress.  So if you are, even remotely, interested in designing your own site then this is a great place to start.

Google Becomes Unwitting Abettor for Santy Worm

The new Santy worm uses the Google search engine to find vulnerable websites and then defaces the sites’ bulletin boards. The worm, formally named Net-Worm.Perl.Santy, attacks website bulletin boards (Internet forums or message centers) running versions of the popular phpBB bulletin board application. The worm exploits a known security vulnerability in early releases of the phpBB application, defacing the contents of the bulletin board.

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