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Windows Genuine Advantage exposes U.S. counterfeiters

What caught my attention in a press release by Microsoft today, is that a local guy here in Hawaii was on the list of people Microsoft is going after, allegedly Billy Williams of Kailua, Hawaii is one of eight individuals that Microsoft is going after in a big way. Doing a Google search shows that this guy has has some net trouble before. I am sure this will make the news here, but oh man to have the heat of Microsoft upon you is not a good thing.

On March 15, 2006, Microsoft began legal proceedings against eight companies and individuals for allegedly marketing counterfeit software. In the cases listed here, customers used Windows(r) Genuine Advantage to report the alleged marketing of non-genuine Microsoft(r) software-including sales from online auction sites such as eBay.

Sprint 3G EV-DO in Hawaii getting better!

A week or so ago I was contacted by a person I have met at Sprint and we discussed my connectivity issues at the Honolulu International Airport, he assured me they were going to find out why the gate I was at did not have a connection. Meanwhile I am now a pretty happy camper and have canceled a dial up account I have that was being used from time to time. I am able now to have close to broadband connectivity almost anyplace that I am working from, luckily they turned a critical area on a couple of weeks ago!

The increase in productivity is just amazing, things I would never consider doing before I am able to do now with no issue. So I am a very happy Spring EV-DO user and may even consider paying the cancellation penalty with my mobile provider and switching everything over to Sprint.

It’s just to bad that Verizon was so yet to get on the 3G EV-DO bandwagon here in Hawaii.

Sprint EVDO 3G Service in Hawaii Limited!

Well I am glad Sprint has a 14 trial period, I am sad to say both of the locations I needed 3G service in only has 1G and I’m not paying $79.99 for that. One of the main Sprint Representatives swore to me that the areas I needed where covered. Well guess what he was wrong.

I drove all over trying to find a 3G signal, I actually had to drive 5 miles before I picked up the service. I can understand a mile or so but 5 miles from where they claimed the service was. Pisses me off that I spent a couple of hours getting the service setup. It’s better than dial up but not that much better.

We live in a digital world and these companies better hurry up and get their service rolled out to bigger areas I and many others need high speed 24/7 not just when we are at home.

Sprint EVDO In Hawaii

Ok I have been playing with a Sprint EVDO card this evening that is activated and on a 14 day trial. The Sprint sales representatives did not have any Maps but a person I met a couple of weeks ago said the two areas I need coverage in are covered. It appears that the first location which is close to the Stadium is good to go. I am seeing transfer rates of 386K on some of the speed test.

But when go and do some FTP download test I am not so sure what the speed is as I am only seeing 14k transfers where my cable connection is pulling the same data at about 400K big difference. I will be giving this card a workout thats for sure and will be pushing the 14 day satisfaction guarantee trial.

If anyone has access to Sprint Hawaii EVDO coverage maps I would love to see what Sprint is claiming.