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GNC-2009-11-24 #530 Lots of Action on this Show!

I had lot’s of fun on this show.. Pile of things to cover. I am headed to Texas next week so will be taking the show on the road. I will be doing a Thanksgiving evening show so if your full of Turkey and still awake, I will try and knock out a show earlier in the evening Hawaii time. Drive safe and have a great holiday! Your trials of our sponsors products and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Listener Links:
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Show Notes:
We are still here no big bang!
How GotoMyPC saved me last week!
Photoshop App now on Android!
Serious iPhone worm for Jailbroken handsets!
Apple Exec makes excuses for iPhone App Store Process.
Is Apple Evil or Not?
Spotify no works on Symbian Phones.
Firefox and Mozilla Foundation appear to be doing good.
Roku adds Limited content from Select Partners?
Apple deals now and on Friday!
Windows 8 Roadmap.
Telcos mad at Harvard Berkman Center?
1000 Mph Speed Attempt!
Is Adobe doing enough about Security?
The Evil Empire Strikes back at Verizon :)
Man Not in Coma just Paralyzed for 23 years!
Prepare for Cyber Monday.
New PogoPlug!
AOL had some kids in for new Logo Design.
Windows 7 Security!
Intel I9 Six Cores
Drobo Goes Enterprise.
Apple makes Single Use Monitor?
ISS work goes Great!
Bing to buy Fox Traffic?
This is what I want for Christmas (Not).
AT&T Data Connect Day Pass!
Radiation repairs eyes in Blind!
Target Black Friday Ad.
Newegg Black Friday Ad.
Walmart Black Friday Ad.
Sewell Display Link Adapter good Reviews.
Altona Wireless VGA.
New Sony Pro XDCAM
Full or Partial feeds you be the Judge.
Browser Compatibility Web testers.
Chrome Extensions Coming Soon!
New Facebook Worm!
Wikipedia Loosing Free Help.
What are you doing with Ssesmic?
Smoking Voids Apple Warranty!
Gmail Creator says email not going anywhere soon.
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Saved by GotoMyPC!

gotomypc-2009In the past month I have been getting out of my office and working remotely. Being I live in Hawaii sometimes working remote means working at the beach. Seriously I have needed to get out an among people a bit more,  having the chance to get out of the office has been great.

For several years now I have been diligent in putting documents on our Jungledisk S3 storage account so regardless of whichcomputer I have with me I have access to all of our documents traveling the way I do it is critical as I never know which computer I am going to be using..

Last week I had a large number of media buyer meetings, some of which I was finishing up Request for Proposals along with a variety of other paperwork. On Friday I was scheduled for a pretty important meeting.  This is where I was saved by GotoMyPC. I was in my CX9 which has awesome wireless for my hands free, and I am parked in a starbucks parking lot with my laptop out and connected to the net via sprint. I am scheduled to have a GotoMeeting session with a client in less than 5 minutes, and I cannot find the document I need on my computer or in the Jungledisk S3 storage network..

In a panic now because im on a tight timeline. I fire up GotoMyPC, login to my home machine that is 23 miles away, find the file on my desktop, download the file to my local machine, close the GotoMyPC session, then load Gotomeeting just in time for the appointment. Not missing a beat I complete the meeting and thank my lucky stars that I could access my machine at home at a moments notice, and not come off as an idiot with the client.  Between GotoMeeting and GotoMyPC these are two tools in my business and personal arsenal that I could not live without.

Note: GotoMeeting is a sponsor of this site and my podcast, I manage other podcasters on GotoMyPC and GotoAssist ad buys, but this is the first time that I have talked about my personal utilization of the GotoMyPC product in a blog post.

Here is the point I want to make Citrix makes a fine line of products and the $19.95 I spend each month on GotoMyPC is worth every penny. I would not give it up for nothing and it is one of several tools I use that allow me to travel the amount that I d,o and still run a very successful company in the new media space. Get a free trial of the product on me.