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Personalize Google and Get a Gmail Invitation

Today, in direct competition with MSN and Yahoo!, Google, Inc. announced that users may create a personalized Google homepage for news, weather, cultural tidbits, and e-mail.

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Google Indexes Scholarly Literature

Google Inc. has released, to beta testing, a scholarly literature search platform scientists and academic researchers. Google Scholar, is a collaboration of the Internet information company and scientific and academic publishers and will include access to peer-reviewed papers, books, abstracts and reports.

The goal of Google Scholar is to make high-quality, peer-reviewed literature more easily available to the general public, especially those without access to an academic graduate library.

Dave’s Opinion
It’s synchronistic that Google Scholar’s release comes at this time as I had two conversations with academic colleagues this week regarding the quality of literature on the net and difficulty many researchers have in acquiring digital copies of peer-reviewed texts.

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