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Your old Google Buzz data is coming to Google Drive

google buzz logoOut of the blue I received an email from Google Buzz support which, needless to say, was a surprise. In fact, I felt like a time traveler when I saw it land in my inbox — the service began mercifully shutting down back in October 2011. Well, it is not officially dead yet, it seems, but life-support is about to be disconnected.

The email informs former customers that all of their old Buzz data is heading for Google Drive and will be arriving this summer. “On or after July 17th, 2013, Google will take the last step in the shutdown and will save a copy of your Buzz posts to your Google Drive, a service for storing files online”, the  message reads.

It goes on to inform users that two types of files will be stored:

  1. The first type of file will be private, only accessible to you, containing a snapshot of the Google Buzz public and private posts you authored.
  2. The second type of file will contain a copy of only your Google Buzz public posts. By default it will be viewable by anyone with the link, and may appear in search results and on your Google Profile (if you’ve linked to your Buzz posts). Note,any existing links to your Google Buzz content will redirect users to this file.

If you left comments on the posts of other users, then those will only be stored in the files of that customer. Comments that were deleted will not be saved. The files will be treated as all others in your Drive — you can share them, keep them private or simply delete them. For now, you can view the Google Buzz posts you have authored here.

Sharing Your Google Reader Finds

While Google Buzz made quite a, ah…sensation, when it debuted, it seems to have become rather overshadowed now.  Other than the news this week of the settlement they have reached there’s been no real, well, buzz around it.  But strangely I have almost four times as many followers on there as I do on Twitter, and it goes up daily.  And all of my Buzz, like those of most people I follow, is forwarded from Twitter.

All of this got me thinking about a Google property that I use a lot – Reader.  One thing I like about Buzz is that when I am in Reader I can share cool articles I find to Buzz very easily.  When you click the “Share” button at the bottom of a Reader article it should automatically post to Buzz for all of your followers to see.  If it doesn’t then make sure it is set to Public by going into the left column and clicking “Your Stuff” and then “Shared Items”.  At the top make sure that “Your x shared items are” is set to Public.

You can also allow your shared items to post to your Twitter feed via Twitterfeed.  Just go to your Google Reader Shared Items page, copy the Atom feed and paste it into Twitterfeed. Then just authorize your Twitter account to sync them up.

Of course the easiest, but least high-profile way of sharing items from Google Reader is to simply click the good ol’ “Email” button at the bottom of an article and forward it along to whoever you think may be interested.

I am sure there are many other ways to share Google Reader content, but these are the simplest that I have found.

GNC-2010-05-28 #579 Where is the Gremlin

I swear if it is not one thing it is another. You will get the low down mid-show, but I am batting a thousand here the last couple of shows. Feel like a total Rookie.. I am being tested and reminded that no mater what you do the machines have a mind of their own from time to time.. It’s just how the ball bounces really. Fun for all in this show that’s for sure.

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GNC-2010-03-02 #556 I Get Called on the Carpet!

Your not going to want to miss a segment in today’s show where I get called on the carpet by a long time listener. I have been in touch with the Advanced tech support at iTunes, I am hoping the show updates on schedule tonight. If it does not there are instructions on how to guarantee how to get the show. I talk about the weekend excitement here in Hawaii over the Tsunami Warning, and a host of other tech topics that are sure to please.

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