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GNC-2007-02-27 #245

Back in Honolulu and I have a jammed packed show. Still dealing with some jet lag but a couple of cans of Red Bull have me fired up.

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Listener Links:
BBC – DRM Petition

Show Notes:
Google Reader
IRAN Rockets
Gmail Nerve Center
Media Valley
Nasa – Earth
Vista Vulnerable
Hybrid Cars and Batteries
Apple TV
Illustrator Brushes
Resume Refresh
CardStacker (Nuts)
Router Firmware
T-Mobile :(
Sync your Zen with Zune?
Busted for WiFi
AACS Cracked Further!
Google Website Optimizer
Buy Some Friends
Video Copyright and Capitol Hill
10 Years of Blogging
MySpace Widget Blockers
Rootkit Study
Firefox Update

The add/drop scheme of Domain registrars

I like Bob Parsons that man tells it the way it is. Well it seem Bob is a bit pissed of and wants some resolution to the add/drop domain scheme which is in my opinion, illegally squatting on millions of domain names by outright pirates. The issue is getting worse and he wants it stopped. [Bob Parsons]

(disclaimer Bob owns Godaddy.com who is a major sponsor here)

Geek News Central Podcast 2005-11-25 #119

Started recording this one at 11:30 pm and finished up in 55 minutes ouch not sure where the time went but I covered a significant amount of news for a holiday here in the United States. Enjoy the show.

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Listener Links:
EFF Sony Rootkit Tool
Podcast 10 top 10 Lists

Show Notes:
TiVo makes Studios Mad!
EU Entertainment Industry
Mother of all CPU Charts
Rip DVD with Mac to iPod
Xbox 360
Google Click to Call
Ads in Blogs!
Asteroid Probe did Land!
Shure E4c?
MPAA and BitTorrent
30 Percent DMCA actions Illegal
Google Video of the Day!
Hacker Attacks Shifting
Open Standard Office XML format not that Open!
Shuttle Foam Cracks
Some Podcast Awards Pics
Robin Good Picks PodcasterNews.com
RSS Measuring Basics and Rant!
Meet Jane Geek!
Blogs get Business Savvy

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