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Will new Top Level Domains Bring Price of Auctioned Domains Down

On June 13th ICANN announced that we could see as many as 280 new domains extensions or gTLD’s enter the Internet space within the next couple of years. As I look through that list there are a handful of domain names I have in mind that would fit perfectly on, one or more of these new gTLD.

Recently I tried to buy a domain, from a business that is in the domain auction/selling business. On a inquiry for a multiple character domain name, they replied with a purchase amount that was 25x higher than what I was willing to pay.

As I contemplated offering more for the domain, I decided to wait and see how these new gLTD’s work out. While I know not all of them will be offered through a standard registrar. I am sure many will, and I will just buy the domain on, one of the new gLTD’s.  That is if the domain scalpers don’t go in an buy them all up first.

I would expect though that there will be a huge land rush to buy up as many of the premium domains as soon as they are made available. This could backfire on them though, and with the new surplus of domain extensions I wonder if it will reduce the pressure on the .com domain reseller marketplace. Will all of these companies holding 100’s of thousands of domains for sale or auction find their inventory value dropping as people like me migrate to a new .something

If nothing else maybe I will be able to buy a couple of new domains that I need, for a reasonable price and not get gouged by the re-seller.