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Gizmo Goes All Calls Free

If attention was what Gizmo wanted they sure are going to get it. Gizmo has announced free calls to nearly every country, no not computer to computer calls, Computer to land line calls to multiple countries. Seeing that my family does a lot of International calling with my typical long distance bill is still over $100.00 per month this interest me greatly.

My wife is on the land line to Japan all the time, so now I am going to install Gizmo on her computer and see if she will use it. The company behind Gizmo says they will make up the differences in premium services. It looks like a ploy to catch up with Skype but at the same time you have to give the folks at Gizmo some credit for really sticking there necks out.

Worked with me will it work with you? [andyabramson.blogs.com] [www.gizmoproject.com]