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GNC-2009-01-23 #445 Kicked Back Show Today

Kind of a kicked back show with a couple of soap box moments. Of course you knew I could not resist talking about FeedBurner and some other juicy items from the tech space.

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Listener Links:
Crazy Australian Data Plans
Gaming in Australia
Open Source Letter to New Admin
Water Powered Battery
Printing Workshop in new Jersey

Show Notes:
Can AMD Survive
Internet Infrastructure Funding
Do you want Broadband?
YouTube digging for Cash
Britannica goes Partial Wiki
5k Jobs to be Chopped at Microsoft
Apple has big Quarter
When will Apple sue Palm?
Mac Trojan Pawns OS X Users
The President Keeps his Blackberry
Tax Assistant Shoeboxed online
Feedburner in Trouble 1
Feedburner in Trouble 2
Windows 7 Positive Reviews
How @15301 times can help
Good Google SEO Info
Vudu iPhone App
NASA High Def Documentary Today
Share Portable Data wirelessly
Global Warming or Ice Age?
Be an Organ Donor

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