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gDoc Binder

gDoc Binder gDoc Binder is the electronic version of the traditional physical binder. It has the three rings, tabs and sections just like a regular binder. gDoc Binder is a great way to organize a project. Each binder can be secured with a password and has 256AES encryption. You can store text and images in the notebook. They hope to add the ability to store audio and video files in the future.

The gDoc Binders is a Windows only application, but you can easily share the content to an iPad. You can print, copy,  share a page, a whole section or an entire notebook easily. What makes these binders great is that they help you organize information in an easily searchable and shareable format. Right now gDoc Binders is looking for users for their beta program, however they expect to sell a set of ten binders for $10.00. More information is available at the gDoc website

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net, and Daniel J. Lewis of the The Noodle.mx Network and the Audacity to Podcast

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