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GNC-2008-11-07 #422 Important Announcements in this Show

Info on the Podcast Awards Winner Announcement also big thanks to the folks at Blue Mics for stepping up with prizes. Check out the latest Round Table at TechPodcasts.com.

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Listener Links:
CNN Hologram Secrets Revealed
Lego Rat
Save MobuZZ
WPA Cracked in 15 Minutes
iPhone 2.2 Native Podcast Downloads
The Elevator Radio Show
Routers at Risk
AT&T Bandwidth Limitations
Jcoaster2008 Podcast
404 Hijacking
Perspective of the Universe #1
Perspective of the Universe Part #2!!!!

Show Notes:
Huge Black Hole
Single Lawn Signs
Mysterious Explosion in 1908
Brain Tissue from Stem Cells
iPhone Fake Call
OS X New Media Players
T-Mobile Cameo Listener Challenge
iPhone Tethering
WPA cracked in 15 Minutes
Windows 7 Getting Praise
Net Radio Rates Not Perfect
ISS Mini Satellite Spheres
Ballmer on G1
Yang needs to Go NOW
Tech Podcast Network October Round Table
Simply Amazing Stats on a Spam Study/Infiltration
Hackers Attack McCain and Obama Campaign Networks
Twitter shows Cards
Fake WordPress Site
North Korea Photoshop Mistake
2 Billion per Year for Shuttle Extension
Camtasia 6
Time Magazine 2008 Top 50 Inventions
FCC Approves White Space
22 Million on Pirate Bay

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