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555 Timer IC Footstool

Looking for a cool and geeky DIY project? Then this 555 Timer IC footstool might be just the thing for you. Imagine a small little chip scaled up thousands of times and you’ve got a something that would make a perfect footstool. Here it is and that’s the actual chip in the foreground.

Put together by the guys’n’gals over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, it’s a straightforward project, especially if you have access to a CNC router. Based on the Signetics 555 timer IC from 1971 but still in production today, there’s full instructions on the Evil Mad Scientist site.

All photos by Windell Oskay.


XRocker Furniture For Gamers

Mike from XRocker is showing Tom some new furniture that has a definite media and gaming slant towards it.  This is some pretty far out stuff that not every spouse will welcome into a home, but it’s also pretty neat – kind of a living room set meets Scott E Vest.  Of course the retail price may buy some wiggle room with a spouse though – around $200 for a 3 piece set.  It’s interesting and very bright.  VERY bright.  These items should be available this spring.

Interview by Tom Newman of Fogview Podcast.

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