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SmugMug has Acquired Flickr

SmugMug announced that it has acquired Flickr. SmugMug believes “You are not our product. You are our priority.” Those who are current users of either SmugMug or Flickr should read SmugMug’s FAQ page.

According to its FAQ, your SmugMug and Flickr accounts will remain separate and independent for the foreseeable future. Users will continue to log in with their current credentials and have the same experience they are used to.

If things change in the future for Flickr, SmugMug says it will be as transparent as possible about the process and give users as much notice as they can about the issues that matter to you.

Users will still be able to access their Flickr or SmugMug photos, and those photos will retain the same URL. Over time, SmugMug will be migrating Flickr onto SmugMug’s technology infrastructure, and user’s Flickr photos will move as a part of that migration. However, the photos themselves will remain on Flickr.

It is important to know that Flickr users should read over SmugMug’s Terms of Service. You will have 30 days (from the date an email about SmugMug’s terms was sent) to either accept SmugMug’s Terms or to opt out. If you do nothing, your Flickr account will transition from Yahoo’s Terms to SmugMug’s Terms. If you don’t want to make that change, you can delete your Flickr account.

SmugMug says that it will continue to offer Flickr’s free accounts, stating “We are not making any changes to Flickr plans or rates at this time”. SmugMug will let Flickr Pro customers know if that changes.

Those who currently have a Flickr Pro subscription will continue to enjoy all the benefits of Pro membership. SmugMug does not offer a free account. Plans range from $3.99/month to $29.99/month.

Flickr Offers a Free Terabyte of Space

Flickr LogoFlickr looks a lot different today than how it used to. Yahoo! (which owns Flickr) has given Flickr a makeover that includes a brand new design. What once showed you small thumbnails of photos, with a lot of white, empty, space surrounding them, now features the photos much more prominently.

To me, it seems like Flickr’s new look resembles that of Facebook, or perhaps Pinterest. The photos are bigger, filling up the screen. Users now have a homepage that includes an activity feed that combines your friends’ recent uploads with the activity on the photos that you have uploaded. I wasn’t thrilled with the new design at first, because it takes me a long time to “re-learn” how to use social media when it visually changes. Eventually, I figure the new design will grow on me.

In addition to the very obvious design change, Flickr also announced that users will get a free terabyte of space. Their blog says:

At Flickr, we believe you should share all your images in full resolution, so life’s moments can be relived in their original quality. No limited pixels, no cramped formats, no memories that fall flat. We’re giving your photos room to breathe, and you the space to upload a dizzying number of photos and videos, for free. Just how big is a terabyte? Well, you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one.

In December of 2012, Flickr released a Flickr iPhone app. Today, it announces the release of the Flickr app for Android users, which can be found at the Google Play store.

Flickr Offers 3 Months of Storage for Free

Flickr from Yahoo!Flickr is doing a very interesting little promotion right now. They are giving everyone 3 months of unlimited storage for free. You can upload your photos to Flickr for free “all day, everyday” for the next three months.

“Unlimited” means “mostly unlimited”. Flickr is basically trying to avoid abuse of the free offer. The fine print reads:

During the Flickr Holiday Gift promotion, as long as you follow the Yahoo! Terms of Service and don’t trigger our anti-abuse controls, you can use an unlimited amount of free photo storage.

Note: To avoid abuse of our unlimited storage, we do monitor accounts for excessive usage. Yahoo! Limits the number and size of photos allowed from an account within a given timeframe. While our goal is to ensure that everyone benefits from unlimited storage, Flickr is not intended to be used as a content distribution network.

Here’s what the Flickr Holiday Gift promotion gives you:

* Unlimited photos (see note above). There also is a limitation of up to 50MB per photo.
* Unlimited viewing of your entire photo library
* Post photos in up to 60 groups
* Download your original, high-resolution photos – whenever you need them
* Upload and play unlimited HD videos.

To get it, just click the bright blue button that says “Get it now”. I clicked it to see if I could learn more about the offer, and unintentionally ended up accepting it. Oops! Once you activate the offer, it brings you to a page that says “Yay!” at the top.

It should be noted that I had a Flickr account previous to this offer, I still have it, and I let my Pro Account lapse a few months ago. My guess is that if you are brand new to Flickr you might have to give them some of your information in order to take advantage of this offer – but I could be wrong about that.

A little investigating revealed that by clicking on the “Get it now” box I have, inadvertently, re-activated my Flickr Pro Account. It is set to expire on March 22, 2013. So far, Flickr hasn’t asked me for any money. I suspect they will sometime in March, right before the Pro Account expires.

Perhaps Flickr is hoping that I, and all the other users that unintentionally re-activate their Pro Accounts, will love the extra free stuff enough to pay to keep it after the free 30 days ends. I kind of feel like I’ve been tricked into re-activating my Pro Account. So far, though, no financial harm has been done as a result.

Flickr may also be hoping that this offer of 3 months of unlimited free storage will attract the people who recently deleted their Instagram account after learning Instagram’s new terms of service. If so, that’s a pretty smart move on Flickr’s part.

Flickr Releases a Brand New iPhone App

Flickr AppFlickr has just released the all new Flickr app for iPhone. I learned about this when I went to Flickr today to search for a creative commons image that I could legally put into a blog I was writing. Near the top of Flickr’s page, a colorful banner read “Smile. The All New Flickr iPhone App is Here”. A bright pink, conveniently located button was in the banner, just waiting for me to click it.

We’ve been hearing, and reading, quite a bit about the feud that has been going on between Twitter and Instagram. In short, the disagreements have to do with user’s photos. More specifically, it seems to be about control over where users are allowed to put their photos, based upon what app they are using. It is a bit of a competition between the two companies to see which will end up with more people using its apps to alter and post photos of their dinner.

The all new Flickr app for iPhone has 16 unique camera filters that you can play around with in order to alter your photos. It has editing features, and allows for geo-tagging.

The app lets you share your photos with your Flickr groups, with your email contacts, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler. You can make your photos as public or private as you would like to. You can view photos from your groups and see recent photo activities from your friends and family (and leave comments on them).

Flickr also has an app for Android that was updated on December 4, 2012. It, too, has the same features that the brand new iPhone Flickr app has. It appears that Flickr has become another competitor in the battle for users who want to alter their photos and then post them online. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Yahoo Rolls Flickr into New Android Weather App

yahoo weather app

Yahoo is releasing a new weather app for Android and it looks like they have finally found a use for Flickr – not a profit from it, but a use for it, at least.  Yes, there are literally hundreds of weather apps for Android, and there’s a Flickr app as well, but Yahoo found a way to combine the two and make their new weather app stand out from the crowd.

The new app will pull pictures in based on a user’s location and the current conditions in that location.  In other words, if you are in New York City and it’s snowing, the Yahoo Weather app will search Flickr for a picture of NYC in the snow and use it as the background.  Of course every location won’t have pictures on Flickr for every condition, but Flickr is incredibly popular so you may be surprised by how close it can get.

For Flickr users who are concerend that their work may be used without permission, Yahoo promises to only use photos from members who have opted in via their Project Weather Group.  You can learn more, as well as download the app for free, from the Android Market.

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Flickr Releases Photo Session and Android App

Flickr today announced two new releases – Photo Session and an app for Android devices.  While the Android app has been wanted by users for a long time, the Photo Session app came as a bit of a surprise and also a treat, especially for those who have family in far-flung locations that they want to browse photos with.

The more popular of the two releases is likely to be the Android app.  The app allows users to take pictures, edit them, and then forward them on to not just Flickr, but also other locations like Facebook and Twitter.  According to their announcement, “Browsing and navigating has been custom designed for Flickr to make use of maps, tags, and activity around your photos.”  It allows users to view comments and also go full-screen and set up and play slideshows.

Photo Session has been overshadowed in today’s news cycle thanks to anything Android being what the media takes and runs with.  It’s a cool release on it’s own though, as it allows users to view pictures, through a web browser, with friends and families who can be located anywhere in the world.  Once you create a new photo session you can send invitations to others.  In turn, you can all get together in real-time and view and discuss the shared photos.  When you move from one photo to the next it changes for all viewers in your session.

You can find the Android app in the Android Market and Photo Session at Flickr.  Both are free downloads.  Photo Session is only available in English and is still in beta.  You can see a preview video below.