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Fitbug Showcases Fitbug Orb and KiK Plans at CES

Fitbug OrbFitbug is showcasing the latest Fitbug Orb and the new KiK plans at CES Unveiled. Both work together to help you reach specific health goals.

The Fitbug Orb is a wearable activity tracker that costs $49.95. Fitbug has added models that come in lime green, electric orange, and translucent white to their line. It is a discrete, button-sized device that can be placed on the belt, wrist, or lanyard. Or, you can clip it onto or beneath clothing. Fitbug Orb tracks number of steps, aerobic steps/time, distance, calories burned, speed, and sleep.

They also expanded the range of compatible iOS and Android smart devices it connects with to include the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 family, iPad3, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod touch 5. Compatible Android devices now include Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Note 8.0 (Android 4.3), Motorola Moto G (Android 4.3), Nexus 4 and 5 Smartphones and Nexus 7 tablet (Android 4.4) and HTC One (Android 4.3).

The Fitbug Orb is one of many devices made by Fitbug that can be used with their KiK Plans. Each KiK Plan provides a goal oriented 12 week program that was created by leading experts. You purchase the activation cards individually and prices start at $19.99.

One of the first KiK Plans to be unveiled is called “no more baby belly”. It is a post-pregnancy program that has been designed to help mothers get back into shape after their baby is born. This KiK Plan was created with Melinda Nicci, who is a sports psychologist and postnatal fitness expert.

You can check out Fitbug at CES 2014. Many of their themed KiK Plans will be showcased at LVCC, South Hall 2, booth #26624.


Fitbug Orb Fitbug is a wearable fitness device that is tied to an online community and service. The device measures the number of steps you take and how well you sleep. You can connect it to an app on the iPhone or iPad or the website. Which will help you keep track of your information. When you get the Fitbug and you set up an account it will ask you what your goals are. After a week of using the Fitbug doing what you would normally, based on your goals the Fitbug service will set up an exercise and nutrition plan  for you to follow. At the end of each week you are provided with a report on how well you did and it will set up goals for the next week. The service is free for the first year after that it is $3.99 a month

Fitbug introduced the Fitbug Orb at CES 2013 This is a small device slightly bigger then a quarter which tracks and shows  the number of steps you have taken. It can be worn on a watch band, a belt or a key fob. They also have a small pouch you can put it in and attach it to your undergarments. Fitbug also sells a bluetooth scale, the Fitbug Wow and the Fitbug Love a blood pressure cuff. More information  about the devices and service is available at the Fitbug website.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine. and by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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