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Firefox 4’s First 48 Hours

Firefox 4 was released a few days ago after what seemed like the most Beta versions a product has ever had (12 + the RC I think it was).  It had a lot to live up to since Firefox 3 is the record holder for the software with the most downloads in the first 24 hours – 8,002,530.  Plus, a week earlier, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 and did some strutting about their more-than-just-respectable 2.35 million.

The Mozilla blog just posted an interesting graphic depicting the numbers surrounding Firefox 4’s first 48 hours of life.  Among the numbers was the surprising fact that the high, but not record, download rate on day one (7.1 million) was surpassed on day 2 (8.75 million).  They also put some perspective on those numbers by pointing out such facts as the 48 hour average was 5,503 downloads per minute and the peak was 10,200 per minute.

If you haven’t yet installed it, then you can visit the Firefox download page and perhaps become part of the next Mozilla graphic.  I think they can rest easy that Ed Bott’s dire prediction can be written off for now – both Firefox 4 and IE9 are solid browsers that have a big place in the market.

GNC-2010-11-18 #628 No More Free Ride!

No more free ride with companies that want to buy off this show host with $10.00 in free products to give away on the show. Time to get their check books out instead. One more show left here in New Mexico before loading up and heading home. Lot’s of tech tonight and some serious soap box time.

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GNC-2010-07-09 #591 Hollywood’s Funny Accounting

Quick week for many of you, thanks to everyone that called in to the hotline to leave comments. Wait till you see how Hollywood does their accounting no wonder they can claim they are loosing money. Did you notice the mini format change? First big change in over 500 shows not a really big deal but lets see your reactions!

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GNC-2010-05-11 #574 Back in Honolulu

Back in Honolulu, calm mothers day ended up with a run to the Emergency Room with my youngest. Big thank you and welcome to the new Geek News Central Insiders. I am really happy to be home, suffering reverse jet lag but there is nothing like being home. Send in your sponsor testimonials and if I read them on the show win a small prize.

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