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Discord Cooperates In Probe Of Classified Material Breach

Instant messaging platform Discord said on Wednesday that it was cooperating with U.S. law enforcement’s investigation into a leak of secret U.S. documents that has grabbed attention around the world, Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, the statement comes as questions continue to swirl over who leaked the documents, whether they are genuine and whether the intelligence assessments are reliable. The documents, which carry markings suggesting that they are highly classified, have led to a string of stories about the war in Ukraine, protests in Israel, and how the U.S. surveils friend and foe alike.

The source of the documents is not publicly known, but reporting by the open-source investigative site Bellingcat has traced their earliest appearance to Discord, a communications platform popular with gamers.

Discord’s statement suggested it was already in touch with investigators:

“In regard to the apparent breach of classified material, we are cooperating with law enforcement,” the statement said. “As this remains an active investigation, we cannot provide further comment at this time.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. government is treating the apparent disclosure of classified material surrounding the war in Ukraine as an insider’s leak, people familiar with the matter say, and is working to identify and apprehend a key suspect in a massive intelligence breach that exposed the challenges of safeguarding sensitive U.S. information and tested ties with some of America’s closest allies.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the bulk of the more than 60 documents, if genuine, appear to originate from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Operations Center and the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. Such documents are typically briefed to senior-level decision makers at the Pentagon in an environment protected from electronic surveillance and secured against leaks.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is using clues in the images that have circulated online in recent weeks to aid its criminal investigation, law-enforcement officials said. The Defense Department has extensive procedures around the handling of classified documents in both digital form and on paper, according to interviews with former intelligence community and Pentagon officials.

The leaked documents appear to have been printed and folded twice. In some images, there are items clearly visible in the background, including a hunting magazine, a knife, and a tube of Gorilla-brand glue. All could be clues as to how and by whom the documents came to be initially posted with a small group of individuals on Discord, a social-media outlet popularized by videogame enthusiasts where users chat about games, investing, and other topics in the mostly private, invitation-only, groups called servers.

In my opinion, it appears that someone copied classified documents. The clues mentioned by The Wall Street Journal could potentially lead to the person who not only took the classified documents, but also printed them out and published them online.

GNC-2012-05-01 #761 Listener Appreciation Month

May will be the month of giveaways, listen to win. I also go into some of things that I have been doing which you are probably already aware to ensure the stability of the show for the long hall. Extended dialogue time on this show but with a hard hitting tech show as well.

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Show Notes:
Wind Generators and Global Warming?
Can’t trust the Tech Blogs!
Copyright is broke really bad.
Copyfraud and Trolls.
More Copyright Stupidity.
Harvard Battles Journal Costs.
Facebook likes not Protected Free Speech.
McCarthy is back at FBI!
Dotcom gets a bunch of his Money back.
Pirate Bay censored in U.K.
Hulu to require cable?
Backdoors Everywhere.
SETI to help Air Force?
Soyuz lands!
100 days to Mars Landing.
Time running out for Moores Law?
SiriusXM App Update not so good!
Microsoft dumps 300 million into Nook.
Fair Use is dead.
Digg to Washington Post?
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Mirrorcase Kickstarter.
Paul Miller leaves the Net!
SpaceX test fire on pad?
Dish Hopper up to 6 channel record DVR.
Internet Speed down overall.
Bluetooth everywhere.
Skype Update on iOS.
www Turns 19.
Cloud Storage chart.

GNC-2012-04-20 #758 Back from NAB!

Back from NAB with a rare Friday show, be sure to check out the podcast and get all caught up.. Headed to Florida tomorrow night so there will be two shows from Florida next week.

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HP Wins FBI IT Contract

Today HP put out a press release that was dated January 6 (perhaps they didn’t want it to be overshadowed by CES news).  The news they wanted to convey was that HP has been selected as one of the prime contractors to provide information technology solutions to the FBI and other U.S. Department of Justice agencies under the FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (FBI IT Triple S) contract.

This doesn’t mean that HP will supply all of the infrastructure, but it “will be able to compete for task orders under the $30 billion FBI IT Triple S multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreement contract.”  The contact is for one year, but carries a further seven year option.  During that time HP will be able to offer technology solutions in such areas as operations and maintenance, technical development, consulting, hardware and software and other related IT services

HP has been in this field for a number years, building, integrating, securing and operating for US government agencies.

This is good news for HP and it should provide a lucrative deal that will help to keep them profitable for some time to come.  The FBI, which has been rumored to be technologically lagging for some time now, will certainly benefit from a company that has been a leader in this field for a long time.  There was no word of any other tech companies who may also be sharing in this new deal.

GNC-2009-10-08 #518 Back in Honolulu Next Show!

Another great road show, bandwidth has been a plenty and big thumbs up to the Marriott Towne Place Suites. Lot’s of tech to talk about and I have a big challenge for someone that want’s to build me a LivePack! All I can say is the folks behind this just do not get it.

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GNC-2008-02-04 #345

Road Show is in Indiana this week. I am in Bloomington today home of the Hoosiers. Fast paced show tonight. Submit show articles to show email.

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GNC-2007-07-20 #286

I’m fighting the flu that my lovely wife gave me and I am on the hunt for some used video gear primarily lighting a professional tripods

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