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Gmail Unleashed “Email Emoji Reactions” Onto An Unsuspecting World

Finally, the feature everyone has been asking for: Gmail emoji reactions, ArsTechnica wrote.

You can now reply to an email just like it’s an instant messaging chat, tacking on a “crying laughing” emoji to an email instead of replying. Google has a whole support article detailing the new feature, which allows you to “express yourself and quickly respond to emails with emojis.” Like a messaging app, a row of emoji reaction counts will appear below your email now, and other people on the thread can tap to add to the reaction count. Currently, it’s only on the Android Gmail app, but it’s presumably coming to other Gmail clients.

Of course, email is from the 1970s and does not natively support emoji reactions. That makes this a Gmail-proprietary feature, which is a problem for federated emails that are expected to work with a million different clients and providers. If you send an emoji reaction and someone on the email chain is not using an official Gmail client, they will get a new additional email containing your singular reactive emoji. Google is not messing with the email standard, so people not using Gmail will be most effected, ArsTechnica wrote.

There are some limits of this. It won’t work on business or school accounts, so you can’t respond to your boss’s email with a poop emoji. Emoji reactions are only for casual emails that people apparently want to send to friends. Emoji reactions also aren’t available for group email lists, messages with more than 20 recipients, emails on which you’re BCC’d, encrypted emails and emails where the sender has a custom reply-to address.

Engadget reported that Gmail has started rolling out the (emoji) feature to Android devices, and you’d know that you already have access to it if you see a smiley face icon at the bottom of an email when you open the app.

You can tap on the icon to bring up a menu where you can find emoji options to choose from. Everyone’s reactions will show up right next to the icon, and some of them will come with their own short animations. If you choose the party popper, for example, prepare for digital confetti on your screen upon sending one or upon opening a message with popper reactions. It’ll be a lot less fun for people on the email chain not using Gmail, though, because they’ll receive each reaction as a separate email.

TechCrunch reported that like emoji’s on instant messages, the new Gmail reactions are a handy alternative for emails that don’t necessarily need a written reply. Everyone in the thread will be able to see your emoji reaction, which may even include animation. For instance, the party popper shows digital confetti raining down on your screen. You can send up to 20 reactions to the same Gmail message.

Google provided some information about the reply emoji reactions:

Add an emoji reaction

* On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.
* Open a message you want to reply to.
* Below the message, tap Add emoji reaction
* From the picker, select an emoji you want to use. To display more emoji, select More +. The emoji you select appears at the bottom of the email.

Why you may get emoji reactions as an email:

Emoji reactions may look different and may appear as an email with a link that says “[Name] redacted via Gmail” if you:

* Use an older version of the Gmail app
* Set your Conversation view to off
* Don’t have a Gmail address
* Use a third-party email like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook
* Use a school or work account

Personally, I’m a fan of using Emoji on social media. That said, I don’t think I would enjoy having to look into an additional email just to see the emoji someone decided to send me. This feature could get annoying really quick, especially for people who don’t use Gmail.

WhatsApp Rolls Out More Emoji

Ahead of World Emoji Day (Sunday, July 17) Emojipedia reported that WhatsApp is getting more emojii. World Emoji Day is the annual celebration of emoji use across the world. Created and hosted by Emojipedia, the event is in its ninth year and is celebrated on July 17th each year.

In addition, Emojipedia also stated that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that WhatsApp will be updating its emoji reactions feature for both iOS and Android devices. This new update will allow users to react to messages from any emoji included within their emoji keyboards.

According to Emojipedia, the update is now rolling out across select global regions and is expected to reach all of WhatsApp’s global userbase in the coming weeks and months.

After a WhatsApp user downloads the emoji update, they can press and hold on a message within WhatsApp to make the reaction menu appear as before – but now it will feature a + option, which allows users to dive into the 3,600+ currently available emojis, including all skin tone modifier options.

Emojipedia also noted that the expansion of the WhatsApp reaction feature mirrors a feature currently available for Instagram users in select regions, which allows any emoji from the emoji keyboard to be used as a reaction to a direct message on the platform. (Meta is the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.)

TechCrunch reported that WhatsApp first announced its emoji reaction feature in April, but started to make it available to everyone in May. At that time, you could only react via six available emoji: thumbs up, heart, joined hands, tears of joy, mouth open and crying face.

Engadget reported that the WhatsApp emoji update put it on par with Messenger in terms of emoji reactions, and works the same way on mobile. According to Engadget, Telegram recently unveiled expanded emoji and animated reactions as well, but you have to subscribe to Telegram’s new $5/month premium service to access them.

Personally, I don’t tend to use a whole lot of emoji. On Twitter, I am most likely going to click the heart-shaped “like” rather than post an emoji in response to someone else’s tweet. The Mastodon instance I’m on has tons of user-created emoji, and I use several of them to express a mood. If I’m using Instagram, I typically click the “heart” button on content that amuses me.

It is a good idea to understand how a specific emoji is interpreted by other people. For example, I’ve seen screenshots of the “Face With Tears” emoji being used on obituaries that were posted in social media. Apparently, some people think it is expressing tears of grief, and are unaware that others will see that as tears of laughter.

The New Emoji 14.0 Mockups Are Viewable

Emojipedia posted original sample images visualizing how new emojis might look when they come to fruition. The mockups might, or might not, resemble the final versions from each platform vendor. The final list of 2021 – 2022 Emoji will be approved in September 2021. Here are a few new Emoji that I found interesting:

Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person are new emoji. These emoji recognize that pregnancy is possible for transgender men and non-binary people. These two new emojis are in addition to the existing Pregnant Woman emoji. All of the pregnant emojis come in a variety of skin tones.

Person with Crown shows a close up of a person who is wearing a crown and smiling. It comes in a variety of skin tones. Emojipedia explains that Person with Crown is a gender-inclusive alternative to the existing emojis for Princess and Prince.

Melting Face is a yellow smiley face melting into a puddle. Emojipedia describes Melting Face this way: “The eyes and mouth slip down the face, yet still maintain a distorted smile. This quality lends this emoji to sarcasm. It can also be used to talk about extreme heat. Can be used metaphorically to talk about embarrassment, shame, or a slowly sinking sense of dread.”

Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth is described as “An emoji with open (non-smiling) eyes and a hand over the mouth conveying a gasp, shock or surprise. Appearance is similar to Yawning Face though no mouth is visible.

Emojipedia explains: “A disambiguation of Face with Hand Over Mouth which appears to have smiling eyes on some platforms, and open / non-smiling eyes on others, creating confusion.” For example, Face with Hand Over Mouth shows non-smiling eyes when used on Twitter app and iOS. The same Emoji appears with laughing eyes when used on the Twitter website.

The purpose of creating the Face With Hand Over Mouth that is non-smiling appears to be intended to reduce the confusion as the previous version of the emoji changed how it looked on certain devices – conveying an entirely different message than the person intended.

The Coral emoji looks like an orange piece of coral with some blue bubbles around it. According to Emojipedia, the coral emoji is sometimes used as a symbol of climate change due to coral bleaching.

You can view the whole collection of the new 2021-2022 emoji on Emojipedia.

Emojipedia Announced New Emojis in iOS 14.5

Emojipedia reported that 217 new emojis are coming on iOS. They include a heart on fire, an exhaling face, and gender options for people with beards. The new emojis in this release include couples with a mix of skin tones. A total of 200 of the 217 new emojis are there to permit this more inclusive set of couples to be chosen from the emoji keyboard.

Three new smileys are included in the release: Exhaling face, Face with Spiral Eyes, and Face in Clouds. Two heart emojis have been added. Heart on Fire is a red heart with flames. Mending Heart is a red heart with bandages on it.

The most interesting addition to the new emojis is a set that includes people with beards. Emojipedia points out that most emojis provide an option for a gender inclusive default, or a specific gender can be chosen to show an emoji as a woman or a man.

The only one that did not have that option was the emoji for “Person: Beard”. It shows a man with a beard, and there are a variety of skin tones to choose from. The new set of emojis lets people specify that they want the “man with a beard” emoji or the “woman with a beard” emoji. Personally, I think this is fantastic because the new emoji options can be used to represent people who are nonbinary or transgender in a positive, inclusive, way.

There is a change to the syringe emoji, which previously looked like a syringe that had some blood dripping out of it. It will be replaced by a syringe that lacks the blood. The purpose is to enable people to use the new syringe emoji to describe COVID-19 vaccinations.

Emojipedia points out that the emoji designs are subject to change prior to the final release.

Coming Soon – More than 250 New Emoji!

Smiling Face EmojiThey say that a picture paints a thousand words. Perhaps that is why many people adore Emoji. One cute, cartoon image can say a lot of things! They can also save people a little bit of time. Instead of typing out “I’m happy”, just use an Emoji smiley face. The person who receives your text will know exactly how you feel.

Have you gotten bored with the Emoji that you’ve seen (or sent)? Not to worry! More than 250 new Emoji are coming soon. They were released on June 16, 2014 as part of The Unicode Standard, Version 7.0. Support for the 2014 Emoji Additions may take some time. The support for the new Emoji characters is now reliant on software updates to include fonts that support Unicode 7.0 from Apple, Google and Microsoft. In other words, each company needs to create the actual icons that represent the new Emoji characters.

Some of the new Emoji for 2014 include: Military Metal, Studio Microphone, Joystick, and a “Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed”. I imagine that one will look like Mr. Spock’s hand when he says “Live Long and Prosper”. There’s also a “Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended” for those moments when a smiling face Emoji simply will not do!