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NFL ’11-Keep Up With the Draft Live

This is a quick review of the NFL ‘11 on the [iPad], which can be used to follow the NFL draft.  On the application there are five tabs, draft live, draft tracker, teams, photos and video. The draft live tab, gives a live update of who been drafted and by what team.. It also tells you who is drafting next and the amount of time on the clock. On a side area there is NFL news headlines and the 2011 weekly schedule. On the draft tracker page you can check the players position, height, weight, college and draft grade. If you click on the player’s name you can get an expert analysis on the player. On the team tab you can choose your favorite team and then look to see what their needs are and picks by round. I would like to tell you how the photo and video pages look however I still can’t get them to come up and it been 2 minutes. Ok the photo page finally came up after about 2 minutes and it a series of pictures from the NFL, nice pictures, I’m wondering if they will update them over time.

Unfortunately the update slowness is not limited to the picture and the video pages. Every page seems to be slow to update It didn’t up the 1st two picks until they were up to the 4th pick on TV. It also keeps going black and saying no Internet Connection when I seem to be having no problem with the connection on any other application. Once it has updated who has been drafted, if I click the player to see details I get the circle of death on the draft tracker screen. In fact right now I am getting that circle on all the screens. I suspect that they were not ready for the amount of people that were going to be hitting the network from the iPad and iPhone.

I would love it if the NFL would follow the lead of the MLB and start streaming games on line and this would be a good application to do it from, once they get the bugs out. Unfortunately based on its history, I doubt they will. There are three more days of the draft the application is free for the lite version and $1.99 for the premium, so it is worth downloading, however if you expect live draft updating you maybe a little disappointed, but once the updates come there is a lot of information available