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Connect and See Your Devices with DLink Products

http://images.dlink.com/new/products/DIR-645/DIR-645_front.pngIf you live in a large house or have an office that has a lot of concrete barriers or pillars you may have deadzones where it is difficult to get a wi-fi signal, then you may want to take a look at the D-Link Amplifi WholeHome Router 1000 (DIR-645). It helps to eliminate wireless dead spots and delivers a signal to all your devices at once by the use of the SmartBeam. You can connect devices directly to it using the SharePort Plus for streaming USB devices. There are also 4 Ethernet ports to connect your favorite gaming or entertainment devices also. It will give them up to 300 Mbps speed and advanced QoS bandwidth prioritization for great HD video streaming and clear lag free VoIP calling. Not only does it work with multiple devices but the setup is simple. The Whole Home Router 1000 has Wireless G backward capability, is IPV6 capable and has 128 bit security encryption.


One thing you can connect to the Whole Home Router 1000 is the mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-932L). The DCS-932L is easy to view and manage through the mydlink.com website. You simply log into the website and choose your device and start viewing. You don’t have to configure the router to open up a port, or remember some internet address either. It also comes with night vision so you can view your home or business 24/7. Not only can you see what is happening but with the built-in microphone you can also hear what is happening. It is plug-play for novice users, but for more advance users it has some great features, including the ability to set recording schedules,email alert notifications and trigger motion detection. The website can handle up to 32 cameras and you can upload a floor plan of your house or business so you know exactly what you are looking at. You can record directly to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device or a computer. It works with the mydlink app for both the iPhone or Android.

To be able use all those device you plan to get for the holidays no matter where you put them in your house or business take a look at the D-Link Whole Home Router 1000 and to make sure they are safe the mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-932L).

Up Close with D-Link’s Boxee Box

Steve Stanzione of D-Link shows off a couple of their latest products to Andy McCaskey, including the Boxee Box.

First up is the Whole Home Router 1000, an 11n wireless router with an interesting design – it’s a black cylinder. The design isn’t just a pretty face, it encapsulates six aerials that create a steerable array that can focus the wireless beam on the location of the receiving wireless device. Out in the second quarter of 2011.

Next is a wireless-n IP camera with IR LED ring for night-viewing. As with many of these devices, you can view the camera image via D-Link’s personal web portal and there are the usual smartphone apps as well for Android and iOS. Apparently IP cameras are selling well and surprisingly, aren’t being used for home security. Many are being used to keep an eye on the interior of homes, keeping track of children and pets or watching over babies.

Finally, Andy looks at the Boxee, D-Link’s flagship product. He reckons the Boxee’s best feature is the on/off button so that it’s not necessary to unplug the device to reboot it. This in some ways reflects the immaturity of all the media streamer products, not just the Boxee – I had an Archos device which was forever hanging on certain media and you had to unplug to restart. Anyway, the Boxee’s range of codecs and the innovative remote control generally set it apart from the competition.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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The Success of the D-Link Boxee Box

Andy McCaskey chats to Joe from D-Link about their Boxee Box, which has been selling very well since it launched back in November. Key to the success is the Boxee Box’s ability to play content from a wide variety of sources, whether it’s the Internet, local storage or a USB memory stick.

Andy questions the delay in delivering the product and Joe explains that D-Link moved away from the Atom processor for performance but that necessitated changes to the software. Joe reckons that the success of the platform is because of the wide range of codecs, the flexibility of the platform, the involvement of D-Link with the community and the on-going refreshes to the software.

Andy thinks that part of the success can be due to the great remote which has simple controls on one side and a qwerty keyboard on the other side, making it much easier to enter text. It’s also an RF (radio-frequency) remote, not IR (infra-red) so you don’t need line of site between your remote and the Box.

Production of the Boxee Box is at full capacity to meet the demand in the US and abroad.  It’s on-sale now for $199.

Warning – there’s a TV playing in the background of the video and some of the pictures wouldn’t be entirely safe for children. It is Las Vegas, y’know.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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D-Link Unveils Latest Network Products

Andy talks to Steve at D-Link’s pre-press event and gets a rapid-fire look at the latest offerings from the company, including

  • a wireless Powerline router, bundling three functions into a single device;
  • a wireless media router that will take SD cards or USB3 external drives for delivering HD content to media streamers or players;
  • a SmartBeam Wifi transmitter, a directional antenna that can focus the wireless signal to a particular device.
  • a wireless-n IP / Internet camera, integrated with the MyDLink portal, so you can view the picture from your PC, your smartphone, your tablet.

There’s further info on all these products and more at D-Link’s special CES website.

If you’ve not used Powerline (aka Homeplug), the technology converts your home’s electrical system into a data network, so it’s good for places where wireless coverage is poor. It’s very handy.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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