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Kolibree’s Magik Toothbrush Brings AR to Brushing at CES 2018

Tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease in children and it can easily be prevented by regular and effective brushing. Getting children to brush is another matter entirely but French firm Kolibree are looking to gamification and augmented reality to get children excited about brushing. Todd finds out what is like to interview Arthur with a toothbrush in his mouth.

Kolibree’s Magik toothbrush plays an augmented reality game where the children defeat evil cavity monsters by attacking them with their toothbrush. Using a smartphone or tablet, the child sees themselves in a “magic mirror” and fight boss monsters to win superpower masks. At the end of a brushing session, the app shows the child and parent how well they’ve brushed and any areas missed.

The Magik brush is expected in Q3 2018 and Kolibree is looking to price it at under US$30. Sign up at Kolibree to hear when it’s ready to buy.

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Playbrush Brings Fun to Toothbrushing at Gadget Show Live

Playbrush LogoGood oral hygiene is important for everyone but getting children to brush their teeth can be a bedtime battle. Playbrush should help win the war, bringing fun into the bathroom. I get the toothpaste out with John to find out more about Playbrush and continue coverage of the British Inventors’ Project.

The Playbrush is small bulbous gadget that slips over the handle of a manual toothbrush and turns the toothbrush into a game controller. Communicating via Bluetooth, the toothbrusher plays a game “Utoothia” on their tablet or smartphone, encouraging correct brushing technique and duration. The Playbrush can be shared among a family with game apps supporting up to six people. It’s rechargeable and will last around four-to-six weeks on single charge, depending on use. The games are in both the Apple and Google app stores.

Playbrush with app

Originally a Kickstarter Project, the Playbrush launched back in November and is available now from the Playbrush store for GB£31 (says the store). There’s a bathroom kit for an extra £8 which is a vinyl pocket to hold the smartphone during brushing and keep it toothpaste free. It sticks to tiles or a mirror using suction cups.

I think this is neatly executed idea that’s very affordable, especially as it can be shared with more than one child, though I think Playbrush need a neutral colour that’s not blue or pink!

Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus

Keeping teeth clean by brushing and flossing is one of those jobs that we know we should do, but it’s easy to put off or even completely ignore.

The Waterpik home dental appliance has been around since the early 1980’s. Think of it as a miniature pressure washer for your teeth and especially your gums. The original Waterpik plugged required AC house current to operate, but now there’s a cordless version called the Cordless Plus.

Even though I’ve been pretty good about brushing and flossing for many years, I still have gum and bone erosion and my dentist’s dental assistants want to do something called “deep cleaning” to my teeth and gums. After a bit of research it is apparent that this so-called “deep cleaning” has some negative side effects. Instead of allowing them to do the “deep cleaning” instead I’ve decided to do daily water flossing instead and see if that has any positive effect.

Even with regular brushing and flossing, my gums often had sore spots. Now that I’ve been using the Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus once a day in addition to my regular brushing and flossing regimen the soreness in my gums has gone away. I’ve decided against the “deep cleaning” and instead will take my chances with daily water flossing instead.

The Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus is easy to use. Simply fill the reservoir up with warm water and turn the unit on. It holds enough water for about 45 seconds worth of water flossing. I typically fill it a total of four times during each daily use, concentrating the power spray of water along the gum line and between teeth both inside and outside, upper and lower. This really does seem to do the trick. Just add warm water and periodically plug it in to keep the built-in battery charged.

The Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus sells for as little as $39.97 on Amazon.Com, or you can buy it like I did at my local Bed Bath and Beyond.

As an ever-aging adult that easily qualifies for so-called senior citizen discounts, I can tell you that keeping your teeth and gums clean is a task you should take very seriously.