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All About Haswell: Intel’s 4th Generation Archetecture


Intel announced their next generation Core chip architecture in the Haswell chipset at Computex Taipei. This chipset is meant for the mobile device out there. The 22nm technology is the 4th generation of the Intel Core processors and with Enhanced graphics can play videos faster, decode JPeg & Mpeg better, support multiple monitors – some with 2K or 4K support.

Haswell’s API support is based on DX11.1 and supports Open CL 1.2 and Open CL 4.0. Therefore, it will handle 3D Graphics of some of the newest games out there.

However, the biggest news comee from the battery life, power and heat of the Intel Haswell. From a 6 hour video playback to 9 hours – from 4.5 day standby to 10-13. The chipset is not only designed for desktops, but also mobile devices such as Ultrabooks and Surface tablet.

One CPU core used just six watts of power during regular tasks. This makes the Haswell chipset able to cooler, quieter and fanless – something that tablets need to be. This could make an i7 Surface tablet possible for people like myself who produce video and tax a computer quite often.

Haswell will come in 5 versions: H (dubbed iris Pro), M (20chip models), U (for Ultrabooks) and Y (for detachable products). Haswell will start at $197 for Core i5 to $368 for Core i7 4770K.