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Dakim Brainfitness

Dakim Brainfitness is the leader in the development of brain fitness products. The products have been created to maintain and enhance cognitive fitness. This is important as both seniors and boomers continue to live longer and want to remain active. The programs are clinical tested by UCLA scientist and are based on standardize neurological tests and programs. Dakim Brainfitness uses this knowledge to create programs that work and are fun to play. Providing a broad range of cognitive activities that improve memory and concentration. These programs have shown significant improvement in memory and concentration both immediately and over time in most users.

There are several products available: an integrated hardware and software program available to senior living environments, a professional software program that can be used by doctors and clinicians that work with the elderly and starting in March there will be a cloud base program for the consumer. The pricing varies depending on what program is being used. As the overall population continues age programs like this will increase in importance.

Interview by Chris Montera of  and the Health Tech Weekly

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