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GNC-2008-01-04 #330

First show of 2008 back in the saddle and ready to head to Vegas. Lots to cover tonight and I appreciate your iTunes Reviews of the show!

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The 2008 CES coverage starts next week you will want to check here at least daily for new coverage. I will be live blogging many of the events and we may even live stream some CES Coverage.

Listener Links
Pocket Projector
WiFi Virus
1981 PC Hacked!
Generation Lost
Webware Hits and Misses

Show Notes:
TSA Facecrimes
Tree’s not breathing as much CO2?
Bypass Disabled IE
20 Best iPhone Apps
Linux Switch Tips
IPv6 Coming
Bizarre Google Maps
Cool Space Image
Facebook OWNS your Data
Banned for Life for taking Picture
Dell LCD Crystal Monitor
DRM and HD Monitors out of Control
Powramid Kreative Power
Belkin RockStar
N95 and YouTube
New DUI Tool
Om Malik Best Wishes
Podcasters and FOIA
Survive CES 2008
Become a Celebrity
Scoble and Facebook Data
Plaxo Blows It
Youngest Exoplanet
Deep Impact Flies By Earth
NASA gets their Money

GNC-2007-06-05 #273

Some of the best show comments in a long time end of show voice mail and email is definitively worth hanging out for. Be sure to check out the Tech Podcast Round Table Video as well!

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Comments to 619-342-7365 e-mail to geeknews@gmail.com

Listener Links:
Store Welcome
Flash Player add Ons



Apple Flash

Show Notes:
Botnet Battle
Shuttle Strike
Mark Cuban way off Base
Windows Apps run on Leopard
Cool iPhone Ads
Titan Radio Waves
Google Math Fun
RIAA throws in Towel
Web 2.0 on a Budget
CO2 Scheme
Not Just DRM Free
MP3/AAC Volume Issue Fixed
Larry Flyntt’s Bribe
IE7 & Forefox Flaw
Mars Photos Released
Fon’s New La Fonera
SSD Drive Updates
Venus Fly By
Twitter From Skype
iPhone + AT&T + Edge = Crappy Speed
USB Squid Cable
FeedDemon and Video
Hilton – VOIP and Broadband
Tech Sites that Receive Payola
Shuttle Crew at Cape