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GNC-2009-02-24 #454 PogoPlug GiveAway Listen to Win

We had a great Round Table of Saturday and from it I ordered two PogoPlug.com devices. If you want to win one listen to win. Also just had to do some edits tonight as I jacked the intro.. It will have to go into a Blooper Reel.

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Show Notes:
Citibank fall for Nigerian Scam 27 Million
TV still King
P2P Blocking New War Front!
Malware Positive Blog Reviews New Spin to suck you in
60% Stealing Company Data
eBay Seller Virus Notice
Adobe Flaw Attacks since Jan
H1-B Visa Worker Company List
Microsoft – Tells Ex Employees Keep the Cash
Quickfire Phone Pulled Quality Issues
Windows 7 Update / Vista SP2 Update
Chumby out of the Box and into Devices
Comet Lulin Blast Through
Carbon Observatory in Space
Joomla Security Book
ISP worried about Safety ACT
CCTV in Pub or No License?
Mobile Price War to help Drive iPhone cost down!
More News Internet Safety Act
Visa and Mastercard Hacked Again
Free Podcast Statistics
RSS required to track Spending in Stimulus Bill
Pirate Bay Prosecutor hires P2P Advocate
T-Mobile 3G Card
AT&T Disaster Recover Fleet
Xonar Essence STX Sound Card
EU to force Microsoft to Offer Alternate Browsers
SuperNova Proof

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GNC-2007-10-19 #310

This show is a wild ride and I get pretty wound up. Big thanks to all the loyal fans that are part of the Geek News Central Ohana. Are you going to Podcamp Boston?

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Comments to 619-342-7365 e-mail to geeknews@gmail.com

Listener Links:
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Verizon customers should call 1-800-333-9956 to opt out of this privacy sale

Show Notes:
It’s a Negative News World
Google Doc Mobile
China Cyberwar
Google Sitelink Management
Should I wait for the new Mac Pro?
The Road to Safari 3.0
Windows 7 Insight
FISA Bill Put on Ice
Motorola loosing to iPhone?
Airline Seats Gouge
iPod Classic has bug after Upgrade
Amazon EC2 is really packing a punch
Is Blinkx violating Copyrights?
Google has great Quarter
Are most Tech Blogger getting duped by PR People?
Popfly Application for Silverlight
Discovery Cleared to ISS
Fair Use Rights being stiffed again
Pirate Bay and IFPI Round 2
RIAA coming after your College Students
Grandma is Pissed at Comcast
Some Lawyers need to study Internet IP
Are you a Greynet Abuser
Pitch a VC better leave Google out of the Talk

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