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Prove it: Challenge to Modders, Make Me a CDMA iPhone 4

Rumor, rumor, on the wall. Apple rumors talk abound. Are they true or are they not. Rumor, rumor fill my pot.

Thought I would make a nursery rhyme on this. After all, rumors seem to be Mother Gooses best yarns.

Some rumors come true. Others, not so much. No clam shell phone, no mini version either. But will that one rumor that has been around since the 1st generation iPhone finally happen? Will Apple switch to Verizon?

Apple and AT&T, sittin in a tree…

There is a lot of “Love – Hate” relationship information on these two. Apple jabs at AT&T at WWDC. AT&T jabs at Apple antennaegate. Yet, they still have an exclusivity with each other.

Is it all about the money? Is there something special about the two? Are they both good kissers?

Verizon iPhone Mock
Verizon iPhone Mock

Little Boys Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint want an Apple bad

No doubt that Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint would gain instant market share if the leader in Smartphone technology was to jump to another carrier.

Of course, T-Mobile would be the easiest, since they are also GSM. I have no doubt in my mind that in some deepest, darkest room somewhere in Apple, there is a CDMA iPhone just sitting, waiting for it’s chance.

R&D, cost of production, Return on investment. Would it be worth it? Maybe if the architecture is easy to switch between the two carriers

Challenge, challenge, to you all – convert the iPhone for the call

I throw this challenge out to anybody who’s an engineer. If Apple is even thinking about a CDMA iPhone, then they would design it to easily swap out the GSM chip with a CDMA. Unplug one board, plug in the other, fix some code and start talking.

Maybe someone has already done this. We have people taking apart iPhones with the express need to find out what’s inside. Rip apart, inventory and plan for the rebuild.

Let’s prove Mother Goose can step out of the book and say “Hi”. Let’s put the childish games aside. Let us eat our Green Eggs and Ham. Let’s just do it to say we can.