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Live CES Coverage Here Next Week!

The Geek News Central crew will be working with under the Tech Podcast Network for CES along with 5 other show host from the Network. The pack-out of the gear is complete and 15 Large boxes go to FedEx on Wednesday. The show pack out does not include the 10 items we rented for this years for show. With a 10×20 Studio, Lights, Cameras, Tricaster & a $6000.00 Internet connection we will be live 24/7 starting mid morning on Thursday the 6th.

The number of companies we have lined up is growing and the topics promise to be diverse. With 160 broadcast slots available finding the correct mix of vendors has been a challenge. The best part is that if the guys find something cool on the floor we can pipe it into the show almost immediately which will allow us to cover the show in a way that most others can only dream about. The combo of floor teams and the live studio is going to be a major home-run.

You will find all the action here and of course at http://tpn.tv as well.

Tech Podcast Broadcast Booth @ CES 2011

While we are still four months away from CES 2011, the team members from TechPodcasts.com and TechPodcasts.tv have been very busy in planning for the 2011 event. For the first time we will have a broadcast booth on the show floor of the South Hall. Team Member Andy McCaskey worked with the CEA to get the broadcast space. I signed the contract on Friday, and while we have some more details to work out, we will be streaming live for the entire show.

Our 2010 appearance at NBC Universal, and the overwhelming success of those two live events, made us realize that we had to be live for the show in 2011, on top of having teams of folks on the floor as we always do. This is going to allow us to bring you a 24/7 non stop stream of news and information from the show.

There remains a lot of work to do, and we have to work like crazy to get all the sponsors lined up, but it should be a great event. If your company is interested in being a coverage sponsor drop me a line today. The best part is that as we cover the show, the Tricaster TCXD850 will be capturing every segment and we will be publishing that into a special TPN CES channels that will be on both the Roku and Boxee.

CES 2011 Planning Underway!

This coming Saturday we are having a conference call with all the team members from TechPodcasts.com on our CES 2011 game plan. In 2010 the team published over 130 Interviews and put up hours of secondary content. That content literally reached millions of people.

The team footprint is growing again in 2011, with our overwhelming success of the live shows from the NBC Universal booth we are going to be doing a lot more live in 2011. Do you have a streaming backpack and want to get some major coverage email me!

As in years past we are on the search for 4-5 sponsors. CES content is the gift that keeps on giving. We are still getting 10’s of thousands of views on the videos we shot in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.

Sponsors like Hitachi, GoDaddy, GotoAssist continue to rack up ROI on their past year sponsorships. 2011’s sponsor will be getting nearly round the clock exposure +++. Email me if you are interested in what we have to offer.

We are still 170+ days away from CES 2011 but it’s just around the corner!