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Edifier Luna5encore Audio System CES 2010

Edifier Luna5encore audio system isan elegan audio system that provides iPhone, iPod, MP3 player docking station. It also can operate as a standalong FM radio. While their are literally 100’s of audio devices available for Apple products the Luna5encore has been designed to be displayed prominently versus hiding the device.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers @ Geekazine.com

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CES 2010 Update for Nov 24th 2009

The march is on for CES 2010, hotels booked, airline reservations made and rough schedule laid out. We will have a record number of people in Vegas this year to cover all of the big and small events.  We are currently confirmed for Show Stoppers, CES Unveiled, CES and a variety of 1 on 1 meetings and smaller events. At this point we are once again waiting for confirmation for admittance to Pepcom Digital Experience and will likely not be able to take our Executive Editors and camera crews into the event so we will likely tag team with the interview crew as we did last year to run the cameras at their event.

nbc-uniNew this year we will be broadcasting from the NBC Universal show floor at CES. Exact times are to be scheduled but we will have several live events from the NBC Universal show space. In addition we will be doing our daily wrap up shows with product highlights throughout the convention space .

Additionally we will a large amount of live streamed video from our roving camera crews. Our Interview crews will be meeting with a slew of vendors as always. All told we are likely to have nearly 100 hours of video content available to watch during or after the show. This year all of our content will be split into specific media streams. Interviews will be on our primary channels, roving video will be on a secondary channel so that you can keep the timelines straight.

As always our goal is to find the coolest content and bring to you unlike other venues. Vendors should be on the lookout for our trademark equipment vest. Be sure to flag us down and get your product pitched on our family of content provider sites. For interviews with the teams from GeekNewsCentral.com, SDRNews.com, Geekazine.com and the Tech Podcast Network use the contact info on the right hand side of the page.

CES 2010 Two Months Away!

ces2010aWhile CES 2010 will be smaller the team we are assembling to head out to Vegas continues to be refined.  If all falls into place we will have a team of 7 on the ground this year which will be our biggest contingent yet.

For the 2000 plus exhibitors at CES we will have 2 camera crews on the floor every day, and we will have a presence at all of the premium events like Digital Experience and Show Stoppers. We know we will come home with several terabytes of HD content that will edited and posted here at Geek News Central, SDRNews.com, Geekazine.com along with our show partners at TechPodcasts.com there will be hours of content for you to consume.

The hotel venue prices are dramatically reduced which is good for all of our budgets, sadly we have yet to see an announcement for Center Stage “CNTRSTG” this venue has been our nightly haven for pushing daily content as bandwidth is always at a premium in Vegas during CES.

Just like the past 4 years you are going to get detailed info on the hottest products and services. We bring the show to you and do not just re-print press releases like other blogging sites.

As we get closer to CES I start running a mental checklist of everything that has to happen before I fly out and the list is huge. FedEx always loves me this time of year as well because the shipping bill for all the gear runs close to a $1000.00 just to get everything we need in place for the show.

More details as time-lines and events start firming up.

If you are a company that is not going to CES for 2010 due to the economy, and yet want some exposure during the show, the content we create for this event will reach over 13 million people you can be one of our sponsors.  Email me today.