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Super Cool Browser add on

I don’t get too caught up in the “hot new thing” on the web. There is just so much stuff out there that is, well, a waste of time. Mostly I see new services and widgets that are neat but don’t help you do anything better than before. I found Piclens about 3 weeks ago and have been bragging on it ever since. Basically it is a “3D wall” of images or videos that runs on your browser. I use it on Firefox 3 but it is available on all the other major browsers as well. It makes viewing photos & videos smooth as opposed to the clunky way of I used to search for them one at a time. It works with google images, yahoo images, youtube, myspace, facebook, flickr, photobucket and more.

It’s nice to have all the photos in one place to just click through as you please. I can’t swear to it but the images look enhanced as well. Using it for youtube videos is even better as you don’t have to wait for another page to load before starting your next video. More sites are becoming compatible with Piclens everyday so it should only get better. If you have a giant screen for your PC or connect your computer to your bigscreen TV that just amplifies the experience. Oh yeah, it costs exactly nothing.

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