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Hotel Suite for Aviation Buffs or “Lost” Fans

If you are an aviation buff or a “Lost” fan, then this is the hotel suite for you.  It’s Boeing 727 perched in a tree in the tropical oasis that is Hotel Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rico.  Seriously – check out the pictures if you don’t believe me.

According to the blurb, the 1965-era plane was rescued from a graveyard in San Jose, taken apart and then shipped to Costa Rico on five trucks before being re-assembled in the treetops.

At $500 per night, doesn’t seem too outrageous for a two bedroom suite (assuming that’s the price for the suite and not per person.)  There are more pictures on the hotel’s website.

GNC-2010-02-09 #550 Big Studio Surprise!

Came home from Chicago to a Studio surprise that I was not expecting. Had a great trip to Chicago, great meetings with the team out there shaping up to be a year of growth and opportunity. Lot’s to share on today’s show. One thing is for sure better being here warm than freezing in the Windy City.

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