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Bodyfriend Wins Third CES Innovation Award for Massage Chair

Bodyfriend, a leading global health and wellness solutions company, partnered with Bang & Olufsen, a global luxury audio brand, to create its QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen, which was recently awarded the CES 2021 Innovation Award Product within the Smart Home category.

“We are extremely proud and honored to receive yet another CES award for the work we are doing to develop products that both envelop the senses and assist in stimulating the health and wellness of our customers,” said Changjoo Kim, CEO of Bodyfriend North America. “The partnership with Bang & Olufsen is yet another critical partnership in growing our brand around the world. We look forward to upcoming collaborations to continue enhancing our customer’s overall experience.”

The QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen massage chair is set for market launch in April. The chair is designed to excite the senses of hearing and touch by leveraging product features like zero gravity mode, ventilated cooled and heated seats, a new uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and updated and structural design to provide comfort, proper stretching and enhanced massage options.

One feature the team at Bodyfriend’s Medical R&D Center has been honing and integrating into their products is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Bodyfriend’s digital Healthcare Platform relies on AI to recognize the user’s voice and commands and reveal muscles and blood spots stimulated during massage. The QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen also leverages empirical statistics and big data to provide a holistic health-consulting menu to users, such as related health and wellness content.

“The cloud-based AI is what truly powers the QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen massage chair,” added Kim. “Customers are able to use a full-color, full high-definition 10.1 inch tablet attached to a rotating holder to display information, including the user’s health and massage data, recommended content and entertainment played through the incredible Bang & Olufsen integrated sound system.”

Marvel-lous Massage Chairs at CES 2018

There are massage chairs and then there are BodyFriend massage chairs. With these chairs, it’s not so much getting a gentle pummelling from a recliner as putting on Iron Man’s exoskeleton with Jarvis as your masseur. Todd gets a sensational experience with Roy.

The premium BodyFriend chairs provide full body massage including shoulders, arms, waist, legs and feet, with more than a dozen massage modes (depending on model) including brain concentration and digestive massage. The brain massage uses sound waves to soothe the grey matter. There’s built-in heating, stereo speakers and Bluetooth.

Most recently, BodyFriend has partnered with Lamborghini for a new chair which is expected to ship in spring 2018. Other BodyFriend chairs are on sale now in the US with prices from US$5000 to $9000.

BodyFriend have partnered with Marvel for themed hugchairs including Spiderman and Captain America. Priced at US$1580, these are aimed at children and grown-up kids while providing a massage experience in a smaller, friendlier chair.

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