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Blue Announces Mikey for Flip

My family has a total of 3 Flip Cameras, two SD and one HD. My wife carries one in her purse, I have one in my car so that if I just happen to see another UFO, at least I will have a chance of capturing some video of it. Seriously though we have been using Flip cameras for a while, and they were used to capture our CES back channel coverage in 2009 as well. One challenge with the Flip Cameras has been the audio quality.  So I am pretty excited about the Blue Announcement today.

Blue Microphones announced today Mikey for Flip (www.bluemic.com/mikeyforflip), a professional-quality external microphone that lets Flip Video™ users capture even better sound for their Flip videos. As part of the new Designed for Flip™ accessory line, Mikey for Flip connects to all FlipPort™-enabled Flip video cameras and features Blue Microphone’s premium capsules for enhanced recording of everything from a whisper to a rock concert.

Sadly all of my flip cameras do not have a FlipPort. So hopefully the folks over at Blue and Flip will send me one of each so we can give it a run for it’s money.

Mikey for Flip is plug-and-play with automatic power-on, using a AAA battery to conserve power on the Flip video camera for longer recording time. The compact design of Mikey for Flip will make it easy to use.. Mikey for Flip, MSRP $69, will debut at CES 2011. For more information, visit www.bluemic.com/mikeyforflip.

Yeti by Blue Microphone THX Certified CES 2010

The Yeti USB Microphone by Blue Microphone is a versatile multi-pattern microphone. The first ever to be THX certified for exceptional sound and performance. Testing the Yeti I was blown away by it’s depth of sound. I was really not expecting it to be that good. Designed to sit on a desktop with built in feedback amplifier this microphone should be at the top of the list.

You can have a choice of three patterns, including cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. This reduces the need for multiple microphones when recording in group sessions. I have added the microphone to my tool box of microphones.  Priced at $149.00 you get a lot of Microphone for the price!

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Tech Podcast Network Live Show at NBC Universal during CES 2010!

The team from the Tech Podcast Network which include your humble host, had our first live streamed event from the NBC Universal booth at CES 2010. We had 6 guest on the show, introducing some very cool products and services. The live streamed event from NBC Universal was unique in that our friends at NBCU allowed our team access to their main stage.

Well over 8500 people watched the show as it was being streamed live. The support from NBC Universal staff was remarkable. We hope that you will enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed putting it on for you. Big thank you to Sharp for sponsoring “The Blogger Lounge” and make sure you remember to watch the Olympics on NBC Universal this winter in Vancouver.

In this episode we have a sneak peak at the Red Scarlett Camera. Along with the new Yeti from Blue Mic, GPS Maplock, YurBuds Earphones, Connectify, Makerbot
We did a second live stream from NBC Universal on Sunday January 10th as well.

GNC-2009-09-25 #514 Get the show while its Hot!

This is a hot one folks fresh off the hard drive! As usual I have lot of fun in the show and cover a wide swath of tech. The question today is when will the AT&T network crash as the MMS services are turned on. Have you watched the Video of the show? If not I have a link for you in the show notes.

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