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GNC-2008-01-18 #340

Feels great to be back in the swing of things lots of comments and voicemail feedback at the end of the show glad you enjoyed teh CES back channel regular videos to be pushed online soon.

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AT&T Filter and Spy on Internet Traffic?
ICANN stop Domain Tasting!
What does Akamai have to do with Net Neutrality AT&T?
Microsoft Cracking Down on DVD Ripping?
J.C. Penny looses 650k users data
Gas Cloud to Collide!
First Mercury Flyby
Blogger.com Outage
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Black Holes gone Wild
Seti did not call Home!
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Defendant Big Win against RIAA
Apple User Survey :)
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Bionic Contact lenses
Miro Overhaul
Yahoo Open ID
Right or Left Side of Bed
Album DOA

What’s the Sound of One Black Hole Singing?

What is the tone that a black hole makes when it sings? It’s a sound so low that it will send chills up your spine. The tone, a B flat 57 octaves lower than middle C, which is 256 Hertz. Sounds as low as the black hole singing are detected as pressure waves, rather than as sounds.

According to Dr. Andrew Fabian of the Institute for Astronomy at Cambridge University, this tone, emanating from a black hole in the Perseus cluster of galaxies, is the lowest note in the universe. The note has been traveling toward Earth for 250 million light years.

Dave’s Opinion
What else can I say but “How low can you go?”

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