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GNC-2010-12-20 #636 Not a Top Tech Blogger?

I received an email today from a PR firm that set me off, I talk about it in the show. It is funny when a perfectly good email has three words in it that change the whole dynamic of the mailing, listen in when I talk about the “Top Tech Blogger” attending CES that really in no way deserves that title in any way shape or fashion and everyone that has a clue that got the email will know it. I also talk about how I got pwned, during the podcast awards and the banning of a podcast from participation for life.

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UN and Internet Regulation.
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Show Notes:
Did you watch the Eclipse.
NEC + Android + CES = Lets See.
Google TV Regroup.
Google TV Update.
Yelp iPad App Update.
Tivo Bans Netflix and Hulu.
Roku Sales Rocking!
Here comes Comcast in Set Top Box!
Adobe at a Billion.
iPad App Money Machine Nightmare.
Novatel LTE Modem
Google Body Browser.
LTE + Android @ CES!
Xerox Smart Document Table.
AT&T buys some RF Spectrum.
DoNot Rent.com
Windows Live Writer 2011.
Overnight Free Shipping from Amazon Now!
Level 3 – Comcast Lied!
Saving Google TV!
Join me Jan 1st in cutting the cord!
Green USB Charger!
Powermat Wireless iPhone Charger!
Upgrade your Fridge :)
Protect that DSLR!
MPAA / RIAA go Large on Lobby Money!
.com Abandonment in P2P Space!
Green Google?
Tanking Test for Shuttle.
Soyuz docks at ISS!
Four books on Net Neturality.
Kinect getting a Upgrade?
Vancouver fights back on BW Caps!
Paypal Mission Control.
Insider Trader in Jail.
Patent that Test.
Wanna be a Snitch (Gag)
US Training International Judges with your Money?
Snow Mobile Jumping Radical!
Delicious for Sale.
Gifts for College Students.
Itunes/Apple TV and Google DNS not Good!
Gmail Calling Free extended.
Motorola CES Teaser Video.

GNC-2011-11-11 #626 Time for some Green Screen.

Next show I am going to try and do some green screen which should be fun. I played with it tonight before the show and was blown away that I could get a good key here in the hotel room. Lot’s of tech and some new site and sponsor announcements next week.

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More Backscatter controversy.
Naked Strip Searches at Airport?

Show Links:
NASA finds the Leak.
SpaceX gets more money.
New Adsense Interface.
Emergency Info on Google goes Int.
Need some new Scissors?
Kinect hacked to work on Mac.
Buy some Mac History.
Chinese build 15 Story Hotel in 6 days.
RSS apps Shoot out.
Charter to cap your Bandwidth.
Salaries in the Valley.
Scoble questions Arrington.
Podfather and RSS.
Hacker RSS feed.
3.5 Million to not leave Job.
Xbox Gaming only 60% of Three Hours Daily!
Steve Jobs Calling.
Teen Trends on Facebook.
Firefox 4 Beta 7 Smoking.
New traffic Cameras = Multiple Tickets.
Limewire Complaining (cough)
Dusting for Carbon Control.
Bing for all Androids now.
Digg Staff picking Trending News.
Bluefire Reader for iPad / iPhone!
NO 10% raise your fired.
Hacking Google TV for Hulu.
My Movies for iPad.
No TV Browsing just content please.
Chinese Cell Phone Virus.
Sony Bloggie in UK.
Want AirPrint now?
Black Hole Cleaner for Mac.
WordPress.com Tips for Bloggers.
Web Based Todo.
NewTeeVee Live 2010.
Streaming Trends.
Red Hat Enterprise 6.
Audio Streaming Stats.
Windows Desktop Virtualization.
Call of Duty Black Ops 360 Million day 1.

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GNC-2009-04-09 #467 Last show in Texas back to Hawaii

Meet-up in Dallas at the Dallas Embassy Suites South at 6pm lots of content in this episode that will get you fired up. Show will be back in Honolulu next week join me on the live stream.

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SEO Techniques to harm you

Show Notes:
A.P. YouTube Page Suprise to A.P.
A.P. Looses it
Time Warner Focuses on Austin on Purpose!
Metered Broadband will kill Innovation
Copyright & Fair Use
EFF Weighs in on Wiretapping
EFF Content ID Worse than DMCA
Fiber Cut and Reward
Electric Power Grid Hack
Blockbuster may have to shut Down
High Speed in Australia
Patch Tuesday will be big
Variable Pricing on Media Sales
Conficker goes to work
French say no to 3 strike rules
Do you access Public Data
TWC Price Gouging
BitTorrent Links removed from Facebook