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GNC-2007-11-02 #314

Huge thanks to the Sponsors of the show and your support of our sponsors. Lots to chat about today and a pile of content to get through. Tell 20 of your friends about the show and help us grow.

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Listener Links:
OSX Trojan
NASA Exploration Assignments
UFO Files Reopened
NASA contest Submissions
HP Ad on YouTube
Free MP3 may cost you a lot
Home School Link
iPhone AT&T Earnings
No Cash

Show Notes:
How Many Computers do you Have?
iTunes 7.5 Soon
Windows Vista +1
Windows Home Server Review
RSS Logos and Design Consideration
Advocacy group goes after Comcast
iPhone Invention of the Year
Zune 2 and Podcasting Support
Sprint Wimax in trouble
Verizon Fios 150+ HD Channels
Miracle X-Ray Machine
OpenSocial will be King
So you are a Media Company now ehhh
Whois Database Spared
NYT Blogrunner Reviewed
PayPerPost RIP and good Riddance
ISS Solar Panel Rip
Professors starting to allow Wikipedia for Class Usage
OiNK Shutdown Worthless
Apple Trojan

Caught my Eye:
Cool Stuff
Good Deed
Seed Bank
Chris Angel Trick Reviewed
Don’t Run with a MP3 Player